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Venice Biennale, Asia strength – Le Figaro

THE RUMOR OF THE LAGOON 4 – Chinese patrons make their revolution in parallel festival palace where Japanese Chiaru Shiota goes every public votes. Demonstration in one day and four case study of a trend of less and less underground.

On the eve of the charts that will give Saturday noon the winners of the 56th Venice Biennale, dark, war and politics as his Nigerian Okwui Enwezor Commissioner, the winners are already there. They have multiple faces such as Asia. The huge Chinese high wave that saw the birth museum foundation after private museum. In South Korea, well-established in international art networks in the image of the Gwangju Biennale born in 1995 (its founder Yongwoo Lee is restricted in the jury of this 56th Venice Biennale), private museums Samsung empire and its shock galleries, Kukje and Hyundai. Japan ravaged Fukushima dreamed in a fog of blood red wire and lost keys by artist Chiharu Shiota – unanimous heart stroke of festival – the distant Vietnam while reminiscences, traces and symbols of the artist Danh Vo representing Denmark in the Giardini and runs all Venice to Punta della Dogana.

They come from far horizons and different generations, but striking in their impassive ambition and great hunger to exist. Whether introspective masters of Korean monochrome, the “Dansaekhwa” that followed the Korean civil war and 4 million deaths, sound values ​​of abstraction as America, France and Venice rediscovering with candor and interest . Or they speak with contemporary vocabulary and spectacular amenities, cobbled and playful as young Chinese Zheng Guogu and Yangjiang Group. They turned the Palazzo Morosini in playground. The Princely Generali property is for the first time open to art for the launch of Asia Now, new French platform Claude Fain and Ami Barak devoted to Asian art (they will be found at the Espace Cardin in fall). They are basically worn by collectors and prodigious patrons, Budi Tek, Indonesian Shanghai, alleged sponsor of the Centre Pompidou, or Adrian Cheng, the young billionaire in Hong Kong and patron of the Palais de Tokyo, making their way with a smile.

Chiharu Shiota metamorphosis Japanese pavilion ocean of red son drowned when two boats are, vermilion cloud of blood from which descend a multitude of worn keys. 180 000

In a day, they were all valid. Thursday noon, Asia Now doing his com offensive in Venice with great energy, gathering in Campo Stefano around a Duddell’s cocktail, the two stars of Hong Kong, all China enthusiasts like Dominique and Sylvain Levy, collectors the first hour and founders of sharp and interactive magazine, DSL . Attention “ Nietzsche is dead! After Suicide dirty! … “

& lt; i & gt;. Last Day of Frozen Entities Shop, & lt; / i & gt; & # x153; work of & lt; i / & gt;

Last Day. Shop of Frozen Entities, work

Already seen at the 2003 Venice Biennale, Documenta XII in 2007 to Biennale de Lyon 2009 and the Auckland Triennial in 2013, Zheng Guogu and Yangiang Group have transformed an old factory bankrupt shoes amazing facility where white wax shoe covers, shelves, line work and willingness to mercatile a thick layer of snow wax ( Last Day. Shop of Frozen Entities ). Guests were seen in this present frozen by the wax a convincing metaphor of capitalism with Chinese characteristics. Das Kapital Football is an ocean of very large balls that Marx’s quotes are written in Chinese. Visitors crossing the jostle. The idea is there, in the movement that led to a revolution balloons.

The second is Japan, concentrated, and almost mystical secret as the “Woman of ice” the legendary filmmaker Masaki Kobayashi ( Kwaidan Fantastic Film 1964). Chiharu Shiota metamorphosis Japanese pavilion ocean of red son (over 400 km), where two boats to drown, a scarlet cloud of blood from which descend a multitude of worn keys (180,000!). Glenn Lowry, the all-powerful director of MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) was long off before this vision both beautiful and quietly menacing. Mircea Cantor, the Franco-Romanian artist who had the Marcel Duchamp Prize in 2011 at the Geneva galerise Guy Bärtschi, Georgina Adam, dreaded pen of Financial Times to Nicolas Bourriaud, Director of Fine Arts in Paris, everyone stopped to contemplate. Thursday night, his gallerist happy celebrating this public success at La Caravella, with a well-fed fan club.

“The collector Budi Tek rose almost mathematically, with the financial rigor he was.”

At dusk , Palazzo Contarini Polignac gave at the same time a refined and grandiose celebration for historical painters “Dansaekhwa” that monochrome Korean current, especially the French know Lee Ufan, minimalist king of Versailles in the summer of 2014. It has barely inaugurated its lee ufan Space in Busan in the southeast of Korea, but is happy to show in Venice its stone sculptures, with their cross shadows, dreamy, at the Grove of the Star in Versailles, as in Capitol Arles. Any exposure is beautiful, major pieces of a sensual abstraction based much after the visual chaos of a biennial. Park Seo Bo, Master Lee Ufan, was there in the flesh. His new French dealer Emmanuel Perrotin, too. Round and warm, Ha Chong Yung, the painter who did cross the canvas pictorial matter, was escorted from his American gallery Blum & amp; Poe was – well – off its coast. At a time when contemporary art worth renew itself, many merchants who invest in these veterans undercut the table.

The fourth Asian to triumph in Venice is Indonesian. A man became a figure of Shanghai. On an immediate and palpable intelligence, Budi Tek is a determined collector who rose almost mathematically, with the rigor of the financial and he was buried fiery volcano. He opened a huge private museum in Shanghai, will open another in Bali, is an enthusiastic friend of François Pinault, is courted by all major Western museums already legendary for his generosity. Thursday night at 23 pm, he received very small committee with his wife Michelle “Friends” for a tasting of fine wines at the Hotel Monaco. In the living room del Ridotto, restored by the Benetton dynasty, which played Casanova in what was the first casino

 & lt; i & gt; Das Kapital Football & lt; / i & gt; is an oc & # XE9; year tr & # XE8; s Wholesale balloons on which Marx quotes are XE9 & #; scribed in Chinese.

Das Kapital Football is an ocean of very large balls that the quotations from Marx are written in Chinese.

Small chamber orchestra in silver wigs and carnival costumes. Master of ceremonies in eighteenth nickname clothes to situate the site’s history and legend of Venice. Master cupbearer to present the great wines to taste – Montrachet 2009 Joseph Drouin, Pauillac 1988 Grand Vin Chateau Latour and François Pinault, to finish with golden Chateau d’Yquem 1995, “ unique wine, soft and not both soft . ” Among the chosen guests, French collectors of contemporary drawing, Daniel and Florence Guerlain, which always combine art and gastronomy, Fabrice Hergott, director of the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris, the beautiful Victoire de Pourtalès who has just launched its VNH gallery with Ban Nguyen-Hélène and her husband Benjamin Eymère, Chief Editions Jalou, sake enthusiast he will launch a chic and design range, the Swiss Benedicte Burrus Thaddaeus Ropac Gallery, gallery crazy Prouvé, Patrick and Laurence Seguin, Jean-Olivier Despres, strong spirit of Gagosian Paris.

And it is not finished. Tonight, Friday is the turn of Adrian Cheng, young heir Honkkong Harvard-K11 which created the Foundation to help contemporary art in China, to dinner in Venice. Because his name is now associated with the Crillon, needless to say that the guest list will be more than revealing.


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