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from the Elysée at the Ministry of culture, through the National Center of Cinematography and the moving image (CNC): Audrey Azoulay, 43, consultant and culture communication François Hollande since June 2014, succeeds Fleur Pellerin. Enarque, after promoting Averroes, the same as Fleur Pellerin, she is the daughter of André Azoulay, adviser to King Mohammed VI of Morocco, and the writer Katia Brami.

Assigned to the General Secretariat the government, in 2000, she followed the public audiovisual sector to the direction of media development – became general direction of the media and cultural industries – before being seconded to the Court of Auditors in 2003. Then she joined the CNC in 2006: first Deputy Director of audiovisual, she became, in May 2007, the financial and legal director of the public institution

Weight. film experts

the cinema is his specialty industry professionals recognize him real expertise in this field, an ability to listen and an ability to get on the ground. For a year and a half, at the Elysee, she had to broaden its scope to performing arts and other cultural records

An observer deciphers his appointment. “Audrey Azoulay has proven to cabinet Francois Hollande and earned the trust of the president and his entourage. It’s a bit the same scenario happened with Emmanuel Macron, who was deputy secretary general of the Elysee, before being appointed Minister of Economy. “

The arrival of Audrey Azoulay reinforces the weight of film experts to key posts in the culture. Indeed, Guillaume Blanchot, media adviser and cultural industries Manuel Valls, is a former CNC. Similarly, Régine Hatchondo, the new CEO of artistic creation at the Ministry of Culture, was executive director of Unifrance, the agency responsible for export and to promote worldwide French cinema before becoming advisor Culture the Prime Minister.

Fleur Pellerin and Audrey Azoulay during the handover at the Ministry of Culture in Paris on 12 February 2016.

Engaging cultural backgrounds

The cinema as a cultural industry, has become an access key to power. As noted by a professional film, forcing a bit far, “the first speaker of the ministry of culture, today is Vincent Bolloré” , the CEO of the Bolloré group, and Chairman of Vivendi’s supervisory board and Canal +.

the phone, whose term was deemed too ephemeral by journalist Anne Sinclair, who would have declined, is dotted with more or less perilous deadlines. Minister for just over a year, the time remaining before the presidential election of 2017, Audrey Azoulay will mobilize cultural, traditionally granted to the left, around the Socialist candidate, while managing multiple backlog .

Besides the bill “Freedom of creation, architecture and heritage” – which continues its parliamentary shuttle and was still under discussion in the Senate on February 11 – include, among others, the reform of ‘UI artists and entertainment technicians or revision of the classification of films. Audrey Azoulay is also expected on appointments at the head of two state theaters, The Hill and Chaillot in Paris, and three major institutions, the Orsay Museum, the National Library of France and the Château de Versailles. The name of its predecessor, Fleur Pellerin, also circulates among the possible candidates for these positions

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