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Four cartoonists refuse Arts and Letters, Riad Sattouf accepts – Le Figaro

After the Angoulême festival, the Minister of Culture has announced it will decorate eight personalities from the ninth art. An initiative that evil happens in four comic creators who accuse the government of political recovery.

After his visit to the International festival of comics in Angoulême , Thursday 28 January, the Minister of Culture, Fleur Pellerin wanted to salute the vitality and diversity of the ninth art in its own way.

She has the rank of Knights of Arts and Letters, eight authors and illustrators: Julie Maroh, Chloe Cruchaudet, Aurélie Neyret Mathilde Arnault said Tanxxx, Marguerite Abouet, Christophe Blain, Mathieu Sapin and Riad Sattouf .

“Symbols of french talent, creative expression in the art of comics, these authors, writers, designers, each creator of a universe and a unique aesthetic, embody cartoon committed, engaged with the daily, expressing concerns and enthusiasms of their authors and their time, “said the Minister of Culture.

Among the promoted personalities, four cartoonists announced . on the social networks they categorically refused this prestigious title, accusing the government of political recovery

the author Tanxxx was one of the first artists to rebel on Twitter: “I thought it was a joke, do you think, well no. I have had no official announcement of the thing, so take that stand and démerde yourself. It’s not polite suffocating them in high places. Whatever the angle by which I attack this thing, it smells like my socks after four days of festival. The ministry, and more broadly the government must be drunk, I see no other explanation “

The designer also did not mince words on his personal website where she adds.” My commitment is one of the proles. And my culture is that of proles away from the quiet lounges, cocktail con and honorary titles, state and its antics. We continue to laugh as godasses us, and we trinquera our culture, that we build, that door and we defend despite the ministry and survival conditions that are ours. I have too much respect for the commitment, too much love for the culture that keeps me up, and I too feet in the shit to be dazzled by the tin. “

“women and men in the comics need concrete measures, no dressing.”

on his Facebook account, Aurélie Neyret s is also expressed in this sense: “So this medal reward what? I’m no fool, I know this is not my work in question here, but simply political recovery. Without this particular context, I would never have found myself elevated to the rank of Chevalier, and even in that context, I do not see how I deserved a medal. Women and men in the comic need concrete measures, no dressing. “.

Similarly, Julie Maroh, author of the graphic novel Blue is a hot color (adapted to film by Abdellatif Kechiche in 2013 under the title The Life of Adele ), has strongly criticized the initiative of Fleur Pellerin. “It will not have escaped anyone that the promotion is” exceptional “and that among the eight nominees included five young autrices charter signatories against sexism and Riad Sattouf and Christophe Blain, all stuck in the spider web of media buzz related to the boycott of the 2016 Grand Prix d’Angoulême in recent weeks. “

the designer said that the Festival has been accused of” sexism “during the announcement of the selection of the Grand Prix for which no woman writer had been retained in the first list. He added: “I can not believe that this is the response of our ministry to our distress calls … I will continue to tell me that this promotion is a smoky joke and that our demands will quickly be taken seriously, whether from the comic creators of the Collective against sexism, SNAC or all of the authors, because such a stunt would lead to no progress “

Among the four other authors called to receive the medal, only the author of the Arab Future , Riad Sattouf responded. If he was the first to show his indignation at the announcement of the selection “sexist” Grand Prize, the designer has this time decided to accept this medal. In a message of gratitude, he suggests including all he needs to Republican state.

“Of Franco-Syrian origin, and coming from a modest background, I grew up being helped by the Republican State: I owe her decades of family benefits, without which I n ‘have not eaten, decades of housing subsidies, without which I would not have a roof, and several decades of diverse and varied scholarship, without which I could not study. With this support, now I do what I want: write and draw comics, and pay taxes so that others may also continue to benefit from this fragile support “

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