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Bud Spencer: we no longer call Trinita! – Point

His physique did not go unnoticed … With his 192 centimeters to 130 kg, it had carved out roles for its measurement in Italian cinema. This old swimmer who was the first Italian to go under the minute in the 100 meters freestyle, became an actor first noticed by his stature. To the point of a screen legend in the late 60s Bud Spencer, Italian actor of spaghetti westerns, known for his duets cinema with Terence Hill, died Monday in Rome. He was 86 years old. “We are very sad to announce that Bud flew to his last trip,” wrote Monday night on his Twitter account the Pedersoli family, the real name of the actor born in Naples October 31, 1929.

Bud Spencer, Carlo Pedersoli for Vital, died in a Roman hospital, the newspaper La Repubblica . With actor Terence Hill, whose real name Mario Girotti, he had turned sixteen films, spaghetti westerns where their comic duo did fly. At the announcement of his death, numerous tributes were paid to him in Italy on social networks in the first place by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who tweeted: “Ciao Bud Spencer, we have you all so much.” Italian Culture Minister Dario Franceschini praised for its “great interpreter of our cinema, who during his long career managed to entertain generations and conquer the audience with great professionalism.” “RIP Bud Spencer … My heart is with your family,” wrote the New Zealand actor Russell Crowe on Twitter. Bud Spencer was also popular in France because he spoke our language with impressive ease …

Actor and racer!

Born in the district of Naples Santa Lucia Carlo Pedersoli, whose father is a businessman from Brescia, comes from a wealthy family. In 1940, while Carlo is 11 years old, the Pedersoli moved to Rome where Carlo is an excellent swimmer and a brilliant student. After World War II, the family moved again but this time in Rio de Janeiro, where the young man abandons his studies and holds various odd jobs: librarian, worker, etc. Back in Rome, he resumed studies and swimming lessons and soon to be noticed for his athleticism.

At the point where it begins to Cinecittà, the legendary Roman studios in epic films ( Quo Vadis ). After the Olympic Games in Rome in 1960, and a seventh title of Italian champion, he abandoned swimming and returned to South America. Back then in Rome, where he married the daughter of a film producer, has children, and it is only later on, in 1967 – it was then already 38 years – he made his first western, God forgives me not , Giuseppe Colizzi with already Mario Girotti.

A forty films

He then decided, with his sidekick, to change its name and be called Bud Spencer, in honor of the beer of the same name and the actor Spencer Tracy. With They Call Me Trinity (1970), the duo gets a clear public success that contradict addition, Bud Spencer playing the giant heart of gold, cowboy adventurer Bleeding and orphans, which hits hard but always with a smile. He had turned for the last time in Singing Behind Screens of Ermanno Olmi in 2004.

He played in forty movies in total. The regional elections of 2006, he had appeared in Lazio, the region of Rome, under the label of the party of Silvio Berlusconi. Since then, he had made only rare public appearances, dedicating himself to writing his memoirs.


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