Wednesday, June 22, 2016

With Dory, Disney is committed to protecting the oceans – Le Figaro

VIDEO – With the release of World Dory planned this Wednesday, June 22, the studio in France unveils Oceans by Disney , a new awareness campaign for the preservation of the seabed.

in 2016 and 2017, film Finding Dory , Vaiana , the end of the World Legend and Blue will immerse the audience in the heart of the underwater life. The opportunity for Disney to make Oceans by Disney , a unique program of its kind that will allow viewers to better understand the world of the oceans and to participate in its preservation.

The intention of the studio is to play a role in safeguarding the seabed. To implement this great project, Disney is committed to involving all its teams. The company expects to raise its public through all media (TV, press and digital) and the publication of an educational book for children. These can discover the wonderful world of Nemo and Dory while realizing the need to protect underwater species.

In addition, the Disney studios France offer fun educational experiences such as cleaning beaches in the Mediterranean or the exclusive shipment tracking TARA Pacific (scientific study assignment coral reefs in danger of extinction in the Pacific).

But that’s not all. The Disney studios are already engaged in other protection of fauna and flora of programs such as Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund or Disneynature that fund more than 3,000 projects in more 111 countries worldwide.

Disney is virtuous. But paradoxically animated films featuring animals sometimes have consequences that are not going in the direction of respect for the environment. They tend to cause too much excitement for spectators of the species represented.

After the release of 101 Dalmatians , kennels around the world have gathered a significant number of white dogs with black spots, too quickly adopted by the lovers of the film and unfortunately soon abandoned . In 2003, when Finding Nemo is out, the demand for clown fish suddenly jumped in pet stores. Worse, in 2009, the Isle of Wight in southern England, opened a sanctuary to accommodate owls abandoned by unscrupulous owners after the release of Harry Potter .

This damning directly alerted the experts of aquatic fauna. Their fear is that it is now the turn of Dory, the little blue fish, become the target of irresponsible people. This blue surgeon fish, known scientifically Paracanthurus hepatus, unlike clown fish like Nemo, can not reproduce in captivity and lives near coral reefs.

Scientists, worried, take the alarm bell: we must prevent collectors to fish this species only blue to keep them as trophies in their aquarium. This spoiled child behavior could have serious consequences on the ecosystem: the extinction of blue surgeon fish and the disappearance of coral.

Ellen DeGeneres, American actress who lends his voice to the character of Dory, wanted to record a message to encourage and educate Australians in the fight for the protection of the oceans. Australian coral reef is endangered.


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