The anthem of Euro 2016 is signed David Guetta. – Christophe Ena / AP / SIPA

if This One’s for You was the new More Than A Game ? More what? This song of Peter Jöback and Lasse Holm was the official anthem of Euro 1992 in Sweden, and no one remembers. Even back then, she had hardly climbed to thirtieth place Swedish charts.

If the title of David Guetta, featuring Zara Larsson, resonate Thursday night at the
  Grand Opening Show Euro on TF1, not sure this is always the case after July 10 and even less that it becomes the hit of the summer – Justin Timberlake has already passed there with
  Can not stop the feeling . In fact, hymn does not necessarily rhyme with hit

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Known interpreters, missing songs

Yet almost every time, UEFA and the host countries have the odds on their side by using the stars, house or not: Simply Red with We’re in This Together for England in 1996, Nelly Furtado with Força to Portugal in 2004 and Enrique Iglesias with Can Your Hear me for Switzerland and Austria in 2008.

Written for the occasion or from an existing album, these songs are clearly not the best of their performers, and not those that history has retained. Euro 2008 has even failed to turn in Eurovision since Shaggy Enrique shouldered by signing two other official songs, Feel the Rush and Like a Superstar for mascots Trix and Flix

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Hymns unofficial

This lobbying has not stopped music lovers spectators preferring to The White Stripes Enrique and Shaggy. Indeed, the song Seven Nation Army going on during warm-up the players before kick-off, and has become the unofficial anthem of Euro 2008. It was not not the first time.

Similarly, Three Lions , recorded by the Lightning Seeds group to support the England team, totally eclipsed the official anthem of Simply Red for Euro 1996, resounding in the stands every game and installing three straight weeks at the top of Top 50 the German team will take the same chorus during his victory parade in the streets of Berlin

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A good official anthem of the Euro must extol the values ​​of a nation and sport, and it can happen that the result is an absolute kitsch. You have the choice between eurodance chorus “He can be only one” E-Type for Euro 2000 in Belgium and the Netherlands, and Oceana who sang in 2012 the sun, beaches and “without summer end “of … Poland and Ukraine …