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Caesar 2017: “there will be no president” after the withdrawal of Roman Polanski – The Huffington Post

FILM – The Academy has decided. Saturday 4 February, the Academy of Caesar has indeed made it known that there “will not be a president” for the Cesar 2017, after the withdrawal of Roman Polanski.

“The council of the Académie des César has decided that there would be no president. It was proposed to person for reasons that you will soon find,” said the president of the Academy of sciences and techniques of cinema, organizer of Caesar, with reference to the removal of the director of the franco-Polish of the age of 83, sued the United States for an alleged rape committed 40 years ago.

A controversy “unjustified” for Polanski

Under the pressure of women’s associations in particular, the director is multi-awarded Roman Polanski has waived it has the prestigious role. Claiming that it was a controversy that it deems “unjustified” and “powered by information quite wrong”, the director of the 83-year-old had announced his decision through his lawyer.

“The culture without the culture of rape, it is better”, had reacted to the minister of Women’s Rights, Laurence Rossignol, which had condemned the choice of the Académie des César. The minister of Culture, Andrey Azoulay, had refrained from criticizing him and he had had the support of the ex-minister Aurélie Filippetti.

The lawyer for Polanski, Hervé Temime, had been recalled in its statement that “Samantha Geimer (the victim ed) has long supported the legal proceedings undertaken by Roman Polanski to regularise its situation vis-à-vis the United States, and called to his side the definitive abandonment of the prosecution”.

“The swiss justice and then the justice of the Polish refused to grant extradition requests in the United States. These decisions have established that he had executed the sentence that had been the subject of an agreement between all the parties at the time, the prosecutor and the lawyer of Samantha Geimer included. It is, therefore, a totally unjustified that this controversy has arisen,” adds the lawyer of the director of the franco-Polish.

Always considered a fugitive by the United States

Samantha Geimer has also told him to have forgiven. But not to american justice, which had started in California in 1977 of the prosecution against the director of “Rosemary’s Baby” for the rape of the teenager, 13-year-old at the time. Released on bail after 42 days in prison, the filmmaker, then 43-year-old, who had pleaded guilty to “unlawful sexual intercourse” with a minor but denied the rape, had fled the United States before the verdict, fearing that they would be heavily sentenced.

since then Regarded as a “fugitive” by the United States, he always runs the risk of being extradited during his trips outside of France. For 40 years, this business continues to come up. She had still been raised implicitly at the opening of the last Festival de Cannes, arousing the wrath of Emmanuelle Seigner.

In August 1969, the wife of film director, Sharon Tate had been murdered in their villa in Los Angeles by followers of Charles Manson, while she was pregnant with their child.

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