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Powerless : that think the US press of the comedy DC Comics with Vanessa Hudgens ? – AlloCiné

The american channel NBC launched on Thursday night its new event series “Powerless”, in particular, worn by Vanessa Hudgens. American critics have been packaged by this first comedy super-heroic takes place in the DC universe Comics ?

Synopsis : The adventures of Emily Locke and his colleagues, who work for Wayne Security, a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises, is specialized in the design of gadgets and devices with the purpose of protecting the people of the collateral damage caused by the fighting between frequently the super-heroes to super-villains.

Created by Ben Queen (A to Z, Cars 2), based on the characters in DC Comics.

With Vanessa Hudgens, Danny Pudi, Alan Tudyk, Ron Funches, Christina Kirk.

What the american press

According to The A. V. Club :

“The aspect comedy of office would need to be more to the front, in order to maintain the interest of the viewer on the length. But with talents such as Pudi and Tudyk, and even Hudgens, this should not be the concern of the feat the super-heroic Powerless.” a 4/5

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According to Variety :

“Powerless trafficking of super-heroes and their super-powers in a way funny, light, and skilful, which is a breath of fresh air needed, in the face of anguish and seriousness that characterize so many of the super-hero on the small screen, who spend their time trying to save the world.” the 3,5/5

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According to Entertainment Weekly :

“Powerless seeks to be more than a comedy of a traditional office, but his starting premise (“hey, the weariness of super-heroes is a hilarious, non ?”) eventually his kryptonite.” 3/5

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According to the New York Times :

“Powerless is quirky and pleasant, but not particularly funny. As to the situations meant to cause laughter, they do not stand out in anything that was done previously in the genre of comedy of office.” 3/5

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According to USA Today :

“If Powerless wishes to become a real comedy, and no longer just a harmless way to pass the time, she will have to give the cast something to do that can be considered to be funny. For the moment, regardless of the powers that the series has, the power to make us laugh is not a party.” the 2,5/5

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According to We Got This Covered :

“there are moments of bursts of comedy, notably through the character of assistant just as it should be loathsome played by Christina Kirk. But often, Powerless is just lazy. (…) In term of jokes, visual gags, writing, or performing, the series is surprisingly very average.” the 2,5/5

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According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette :

“If Powerless had been funny, his lack of super-hero known would be excusable. But in the face of the little fun it offers, the viewer is quickly bored to come to imagine that the series could have been, but simply is not.” the 2/5

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According to the San Francisco Chronicle :

“Powerless is devoid of intrigue, humor, laughter, and interest. The fewer words, the better it is.” 0/5

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