Thursday, February 9, 2017

Explosion at the Flamanville nuclear power plant, the nuclear risk spread –


Central of Flamanville in the Basse-Normandie region (archive)

An explosion occurred at the nuclear power plant of Flamanville. The accident occurred about 10 o’clock, Thursday, 9 February, according to information from West-France. according To the prefecture, no nuclear risk is not to be feared. The particular Plan of intervention, aimed at protecting the population in case of a serious incident, therefore, has not been triggered.

Five people were slightly intoxicated but no one was seriously injured is not to be regretted. The security services of several rescue centres of the Channel are mobilized. The explosion would have taken place in the engine room of the plant. A fire was found outside of the sensitive area of nuclear power.

The 31st of January last, a fire broke out in an administrative building of the nuclear power plant of Cattenom, Moselle. This was not precisely the facilities of the plant. The safety of building nuclear had not been called into question, according to EDF.

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