Thursday, October 29, 2015

Grand Prix of the French Academy: Kaddour Sansal and tie – Le Figaro

The authors of 2084 and The overriding , which competed for the price of the novel of the famous institution, obtained the same number of votes. This is the third time that the jury are two novelists at the same time.

The writer of Tunisian origin Hédi Kaddour and Algerian writer Boualem Sansal tie Thursday received the Grand Prix of the novel of the French Academy, the first major literary prize of the season.

Hédi Kaddour and Boualem Sansal were chosen in the fourth round by eleven votes each, against a voice Agnès Desarthe. This is the third time that the Academy awarded its Grand Prize novel two writers at the same time.

The two writers, arrived together at the Academy, very relaxed and without a tie, join in this ranking of authors as prestigious as François Mauriac, Michel Tournier and Patrick Modiano. The prize is worth 10,000 euros.

By providing prices francophone Algerian writer Boualem Sansal for 2084 (Gallimard) and the writer of Tunisian origin Hédi Kaddour for The overriding (Gallimard), immortals rewarded two critically acclaimed books.

This is the chronicle of a world sinking given Hédi Kaddour to see The overriding , panting novel and relentless fresco of a still colonial society of the 1920s in North Africa.

Already winner of Jean Freustié, Hédi Kaddour could become the third writer Jonathan Littell and after Patrick Rambaud, receiving the same year the Grand Prize novel by the French Academy and the Goncourt, the most prestigious French literary prize, which will be awarded on Tuesday.

The world described by Boualem Sansal 2084 himself is a nightmare. Sure, can you reassure, it is a fiction even though, can we be alarmed, this novel looks like a prophecy.

The author of the “Village of the German, “where he was the link between Nazism and Islamism, takes us into the future at the heart of Abistan, a fanatical religious state whose power extends almost all over the planet.


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