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Tunis – Prix Goncourt: the four finalists announced in the Bardo Museum – L’Express

The Goncourt jury, meeting in the Bardo Museum in Tunis, has selected four finalists Tuesday: Nathalie Azoulai, Mathias Énard, Hédi Kaddour and Tobie Nathan. The big surprise is the elimination of francophone Algerian writer Boualem Sansal.

Hédi Kaddour, born in Tunis it 70 years ago, now holds the rope with his novel “ The overriding ” (Gallimard): besides the Goncourt, it appears in the selections the Femina, Medicis and the Grand Prize novel by the French Academy.

His third novel is the story of a still panting colonial society of the 1920s in North Africa.

Boualem Sansal, which has a long figured in all caps for his novel “ 2084 ” (Gallimard), courageous story describing a totalitarian and fanatical religious state, could be the big Forgot prices.

Now that qualified for the Grand Prize novel by the French Academy of Femina and Allied.

Among the other nominees on the Goncourt, Nathalie Azoulai, selected for “ Titus did not like Berenice ” (POL), a contemporary novel in the shade of Racine remains Also nominated for the Femina and Medicis. Mathias Enard (“ Compass “, Actes Sud) and Tobie Nathan (“ This country that resembles you “, Stock) will be the Goncourt or nothing.

As with Kaddour, it is the land of the East that inspired Enard and Nathan.

One of the objectives of “ Compass ” is to fight against the simplistic image of a fantasy Muslim East and enemy, showing everything we brought. As the psychiatrist Tobie Nathan, it takes us back to his childhood in Egypt, where Jews and Muslims lived in harmony before the first are driven out of the country.

The Goncourt will be presented next Tuesday at Drouant in Paris. The Renaudot prize will be announced in stride at the same location.

The day before the Goncourt, the prices in December, when one selection Figure Christine Angot (“ A love not “, Flammarion), which will be awarded.

On Wednesday, come round the Prix Femina before Medicis price Thursday.

– Fabulous prints –

A novel which won the Goncourt sells an average of 400,000 copies. For the Renaudot and Femina, sales are respectively averaged 200,000 and 150,000.

The season ended prices, many writers remain unjustly on the tile. For the record, a total of 589 novels were published for this literary season.

The president of the Académie Goncourt and cycling enthusiast, Bernard Pivot summarized the situation of a formula: “ The back looks like a cycling race: the 500 who take the champions Initially, twenty will succeed the break. In this great battle, many injustices are committed. The more armies are numerous and there are corpses “.

There are also pleasant surprises as Christophe Boltanski whose novel, “ The Cache ” (Stock), is one of the few first novels that survived skimming selections. His book remains in the selections of Femina, the Renaudot and Medicis, a feat for a first novel.

In addition Azoulai Nathalie, Judith Perrignon with “ Victor Hugo has just died ” (The Iconoclast) is among the few women writers to pull out of the game and remain in many selections (December, Femina and Renaudot trials). Delphine de Vigan, one of the heavyweights of the literary season with its “ Based on a True Story ” (Lattes) is also present in selections Renaudot and Medicis.

Authors whose popular success is well established, Amélie Nothomb, selected for any price and Christine Angot, vying for the only award in December, failed to convince the juries of literary prizes .

The only other literary awards season will open in January with more than 500 new titles.


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