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The confidences of a Bond girl Léa Seydoux “for real” – Vanity Fair France

 That night, it’s party time. The gate was left open for the occasion. In the tiny streets of the sixth arrondissement, after crossing the entrance, we turn on the building and we wonder where we are. “At the grandmother Leah finally late grandmother Leah” , I am told. There in the garden of this beautiful family house in the Paris , a few meters from the Seine, the expression “Fire grandmother Leah” takes a Tone late twentieth century. Which one? The nineteenth course. Lost World, childhood shreds, cork room. The vast building stands reassuring rather the large family mansion as a snoring of the Second Empire on the Monceau plain or the hill Chaillot. The interior seems frozen, graceful, without ostentation. The sound is background. This dance and it transpires. A singer hoarse in Live , the speaker is set too high, otherwise you hear nothing. His voice seems to emerge shrubs, kind of shady jungle to die charm.



It is July 3rd is the birthday party of Leah (she was born on 1). She is 30 years old. It’s a bit like the gray sang operetta Offenbach , this antiquated word for tipsy, slightly Petee what, like everybody that night because the rain down mojitos. Édouard Baer limps on a crutch. Elsa Zylberstein displays a white manicure-pedicure. She left the next day to Los Angeles and has not packed his bags. We cross Louis Garrel in the entry. And then there are the girlfriends of Lea. Fresh girls, normal, friendly smoking and dancing. We sit in the garden around tables on which are stacked empty glasses, ashtrays pushed, it draws in a small oven tray flew buffet. No armada of waiters. No exotic liveried staff. We finally land, buttocks cool in a grass next to a country as an urban prairie grass. Further afield, the mother of Léa is sitting at a table, with nothing fancy, white hair, white shirt, trousers. She speaks with her ex-husband, Henri Seydoux , the father of Leah. The latter’s wife, Farida Khelfa, is there too. Half-brothers and sisters also. It’s very hot. An uncle who lives in a wing of the house goes completely naked in front of a window, to 23 hours. Way to say, I do not care this boom young, I go to bed. Starting again in front of the porch, we spotted a black van that dumps Christian Louboutin and a slew of guests. The shoemaker’s here with the family. He grew up Leah.


In the press, there has been much criticized for the actress to be this family of daughter inevitably spoiled. As if being born Seydoux Fornier Clausonne (daughter of Valérie Schlumberger – the cream of the intelligentsia Protestant – and the contractor Henri Seydoux , granddaughter of Jérôme Seydoux , President of Pathé , and grandniece of Nicolas Seydoux , President of Gaumont ) automatically provided a carte blanche to be at the top of the poster. Lea says calmly: “In truth, I do this job because I had nothing to lose, it is perhaps easy to say since I come from a very privileged family, but I always had the feeling of being unattached. For someone to whom one has learned anything, I think it suits. “
Like a weed, Lea has hatched herself. Christian Louboutin who, at 17, lived in Paris, partly in the young couple formed by Henri and Valérie Seydoux , has seen it grow. “It was not a morose or melancholy child. This was a battery. I can see, very small, very blonde, running through the field – that is to say the kitchen overlooking the garden – permanently, at full speed, is incomprehensible telling stories in his childhood language but we felt it had a beginning, a middle and an end. She put the game, expressions, attitudes. She was already very unusual. But cinema? There, I admit, I did not see it coming. She never mentioned it. “ A female figure who goes in and out of the frame, this necessarily suggests, somehow, to Françoise Dorléac with Truffaut said, when heading in the The Soft Skin (1964), he had to force her to slow down, to force her to stay in the field. “Under his pearly skin, she buff, Lea , says the director Benoît Jacquot . Behind apparent ease, it’s a concern. “


From Coke and yogurt
July 3, she enjoys – unconsciously – almost seven years of reflection from La Belle Personne Christophe Honoré in 2008. This film marked its emergence, a media tidal wave. In 2010, Belle thorn Rebecca Zlotowski confirmed (first nomination for a Cesar), a road that leads to the Golden Palm in Cannes in 2013 . On a personal level, she said loudly, in a weekly people , that her lover will be the father of her children. “But I still do not know what the future holds for me and I like it. “ wisely toothed blond, wearing a side parting, she grows in summer evening an old-world style. Samuel Blumenfeld , film critic for the World Note that “is one of the only French film in which the suit fits like a glove. Benoît Jacquot did not make a mistake: Leah, in the eighteenth following Marie Antoinette ( Farewell My Queen in 2012) or female nineteenth bedroom ( The Confessions a maid , 2015) is totally believable. Let us recall Kirsten Dunst as Queen of France at Versailles, in front of the camera Sofia Coppola, it is expected that a thing is that it so her cell phone in the middle of the scene. “ Jacquot confirmed: ” Leah immediately believe what she plays. Before being filmed, she arranges for everything related appearances, the costume of the time, is totally credible. Besides, she is very involved in every process of hair and costume fittings. “ At the same time, along with her femininity old school , a little blue flower, there is in her a D way system side Doinel Les Quatre cents coups . This is the absolute employment against this femininity Vintage , which earned him a Golden Palm (shared with Adèle Exarchopoulos and director) to Life Adele , powerfully staged in 2013 by Abdellatif Kechiche . A role so far removed from it that she admitted having drooled to get there. Léa Seydoux, left uncultivated, has turned to desire, instinct. “It is understandable that the great freedom in which she grew up can be scary for a child” says Christian Louboutin . This self is also very far from a knowledgeable film buff. “This is my sister Camille introduced me Tarantino and Woody Allen. Nobody in my family I built cinephile culture. “ At 17, she began to feel what she wants by meeting a young actor. Lifestyle inspires, “This freedom of action, this is what I wanted” . But where to start? “ When I was little, I sang all the time, it was the only way to express myself. The desire to be an actress comes from there, it became the only way to put into words my emotions. “ His appearance, in 2005, in the video for Do not leave angry singer Raphael allows Léa aware of his cinégénie. Olivier Dahan , who directed the video, asked on the spot to test. Always inspired by the example of someone, the girl decides to enroll in the agency profile – that rotates and produces commercials – to learn the ropes. Promote Coca-Cola in Sweden, Germany yogurts, ice creams The Milkmaid, Mars, Levi’s, Vodafone … It works. Leah is hungry, it goes fast. In 2006, the TV comedy My girlfriends serves as a trial run: “There I learned what it was that field, a reverse shot a ground mark … I am hooked me. TV, for cons, it was not working. “
She discovered that Woody Allen is the latest Zelig before the hour. This chameleon child and melancholy beauty hides a vital spring unsuspected. “I was left to myself. We can get out or not. “ His adaptability saves. This is another romantic encounter with an actor who, this time, the hoists to some occupational requirement: “The films he was making made me dream. It was his film that interested me, I wanted to get in the same office as him, there was something of recognition, it was him they saw on the screen; it was what I wanted. “ to The Life of Adele Kechiche pushed away from itself: ” It could reproach myself stuff I had more trouble expressing directors while others are more in tune with who I am. “ Finally, she gets what she wanted, Leah, when she says, eyes shining, ” I’m addicted to having fear “. Sam Mendes Director Spectrum new episode of the adventures of Bond , enjoyed the film Kechiche “the fact of having the Palme surely plead in my favor” , she says. The day of their first meeting, another metamorphosis: “I took the first Eurostar, no makeup, my hairbrush and my shoes in my bag. In the toilet of the train, I made up, coiffed. Before the appointment I put my high heels, I wanted to submit a picture of a French, a Parisienne. “ Mendes is seduced. Jacquot is right, the actress immediately believe what she plays. Mendes asks “a big impact” for each scene. The chameleon has yet fly. This does not prevent Lea confessed that what she seeks, “is to be true” . True in a role. True lie. Besides, she has a verbal tic: the expression “in true” appears every sentence



The night of his birthday, it shows nothing of birthday girl hysterical. She is wearing a lovely dress like “late grandmother Leah” was advised to put something “feminine” in person. We now understand that this feminine fits somewhere between Liz Taylor disorder and seduction of a tomboy. His sister Camille says: “It’s cool to walk in the street with Leah because nobody recognizes. “ Since the day she arrived on the set of the photo shoot for Vanity Fair . She tumbles bob on the head, in jeans, backpack, sneakers … a newsboy. But at the hairdresser, she asked to eat her hair she would like more provided more primed even more sophisticated. His ideal of the feminine is something dated. This is probably what pleases both Miuccia Prada , creator of the brand which is Leah muse since 2011. While the actress and monetizes its French blond, Blumenfeld is surprised that she said yes to Mendes . “She has done Robin Hood Ridley Scott and Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen, Mission: not possible – Ghost Protocol, The Grand Budapest Hotel Wes Anderson … She is already marked as pretty in French a lot of foreign productions. What need to assimilate with disposable actresses who have succeeded in James Bond? “ But Lea is always hungry. This is perhaps what was missing to those for whom a James Bond was enough. Benoît Jacquot confirmed: “It is far from a one-time actress. It may take a long time, it is rare and unique. “ Olivier Seguret , journalist and author Culture, replace Lea in the French scene. “With its extremely powerful natural charisma – we could join that of Bardot – she paradox among the players of the Hexagon. French cinema, in contrast to the Hollywood herd manufactures actors who do not work enough. The nature of Leah is quite different. “ Moreover, it will continue with the next film Xavier Dolan . And we know how Dolan does not like the lukewarm.

 A month before his birthday, in his apartment, the shifty eyes to the window, she said: “In truth, this profession is vital. I need to express myself. “ Indeed, one can not say that Leah is in orality. She struggles to find words, to finish his sentences, selecting the right expression. With “in true” that keeps coming, we finally understand that the experience of being another through his roles leads to herself, “for real” . That, no doubt, stands the centerpiece of his young career beam. Its risk appetite and the appetite of the text it does not master make you want him to approach the scene, “but I do not know the text, I do not know what role would suit me” . The Bond enabled him to discover a cinema efficiency “where each scene is attached to an action, a turning point. It’s a blockbuster, it’s not like French cinema where you can film the sun without it nothing happens. “ After two hours of talks, she added that now ” She feels ready to play further roles [itself] of loose Roles “. And finally break into comedy? In true.


In Search of Lost Time
that morning in his apartment, one wonders if the absolute suture that could stick the fiction to reality, the child left to itself and the “true” Leah would not love. Again, something that sounds like a little girl’s fantasy, chivalrous design, rose water. “Only love stories that upset me. “ His favorite movie? A Place in the Sun (directed by George Stevens 1951) that draws him to tears. A story of thwarted passion, feelings beyond death, a hero, Liz Taylor beautiful to fall, tectonics classes ( Montgomery Clift plays a penniless cousin) rich against poor, eternal love … Leah caught in flagrante delicto of sentimentality in her home in the apartment a mess she is leaving because she moved. It is noon, she’s in a kind of pajamas, she squeezes her cup of soy milk Ricoré. She has red patches that go up to his throat, “is caffeine” . She has that tic put his hand over his lower face. “When I’m nervous, I’m shaking, this is my way to hide it. “ Louboutin recalls:” We forget to say that Leah is a real girl, blushing, charming, sentimental. At 14, she was like her friends of 14, with the same concerns. “ Same to 30 years then?



 A noise in the lock. Someone enters. “This is Andrew, my love” . He removed his shoes, he entered socks, lightweight, discreet, well mannered. She asks: “It’s going? “ He replied: ” It will “. She made the introductions and disappears like a cat. After the interview, they will go see the house that Leah was purchased. It shows pictures on his iPhone. A house late nineteenth century, a time when it was said “Fire the grandmother of such a” and where we listened Offenbach , where it crossed japoniste vogue wallpaper Liberty William Morris . Lea is a family home décor, old house, just as it says “movie old days” to designate the film Hitchcock or Antonioni . She added that one thing she loves in his future home, it was the screaming children in the playground of the adjoining school. “I grew up in a house just next to the Fenelon school. “ Well, here we are: the reminiscences. So of course, when the actress scrolls through photos of a house that would not have denied a neo Odette de Crecy , one can not help thinking about the ridiculous name of his character in the Bond Sam Mendes Madeleine Swan . Lourdissime referring to Proust . There is nothing to laugh. It’s no fun at all Samuel Blumenfeld . “Why lend itself to a role whose name sounds like a joke? This is surprising from Sam Mendes comes from the theater, text, Shakespeare … “

 And if that was the real Leah? Get an 1900 house in search of a lost time, dress in feminine way flirting with kitsch but having the hard leather, cultivating incognito under boy missed airs and market the caricature of the French / Parisian that the world – and Hollywood first – savored like a madeleine melting into a cup of tea. Leah remembers its beginnings, when had never set foot on a “true” location: “On the plane, one of the girls I was shooting a pub m ‘asked: “And if it does not work, what are you doing?” I replied: “It will work.” “

Spectre of Sam Mendes, Daniel Craig and Monica Bellucci (out November 11).

Virginia Mouzat

 Journalist specializing in fashion and luxury in the Le Figaro for 18 years, she is now editor-in-chief fashion / luxury / opinions in Vanity Fair . She has published two novels to Albin Michel, A woman without qualities and The adult life .


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