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Games of Thrones: What are the wolves (well, those who remain)? –

CANIS LUPUS The wolves are dying faster than Stark in Season 6 of “Game of Thrones “…

The Summer wolf waking his master Bran Stark in Season 6 Game of Thrones – HBO

Warning. If you are afraid of wolves, do not read this article. If you are afraid of spoilers, do not read either this article that evokes episodes of season 6 of Game of Thrones , being broadcast on OCS.

Ghost Attack! Attack!

The wolves, unlike dragons, are part of the plot of Game of Thrones since the very first episode of the saga, when Jon Snow discovered with her father the corpse of a giant wolf and her five children. Instead of killing them, chooses Eddard Stark, Jon on good advice, give one to each of his five legitimate children. Plus a sixth, albino and rickety, his bastard, Jon.

After the fifth episode of Season 6, even if the event happened because of relatively inaperçuà #HodorGate Summer (or summer ) was killed by white walkers to help Bran to flee. They are therefore a priori more than two wolves still alive. There Phantom (or Ghost ), who guards Jon Snow in Castel Black. And Nymeria, the wolf that Arya was allowed to escape it long ago and must wander somewhere in Conflans. The other four are dead.

In this map, wolves alive are in red, the dead wolves are black.

Lady, Sansa wolf, had been unjustly beheaded Ned Stark in Season 1 (because of this moth Joffrey). Grey Wind (or Grey Wind ) died
 Purple Wedding at the same time as his master, Robb. Finally, Brushwood (or Shaggydog ) was killed while his young master Rickon capture was done. Doubts remain despite all the true fate of Broussaille. Some think it’s not his head that the kidnapper Rickon present to Ramsay Bolton.

However, we can only be disappointed by the fate of wolves Stark. These fantastic animals, sometimes called “giant wolf” or “werewolf” in novels are supposed to accompany the destiny of the most positive characters of the saga. As with dragons Daenerys (of the three, only one really matters for now), the account is not there.

Nymeria against dragons

fans of the saga who read the books and put great hope in Nymeria. At the beginning of season 1, to save his wolf a similar fate to that of Lady Arya chooses to hunt. In the novels of George RR Martin, we learn that Nymeria is leading a huge pack of vengeful wolves that spread terror among the enemies of his former mistress.

Some people hope that this pack, conduct by a wolf whose name refers to a legendary queen of the world of Game of Thrones , will play a key role in the rest of the story.

the wolf Fant & # XF4; waking me his  ma & # secured; be Jon Snow in season 6 Game  of Thrones
wolf Ghost ensures his master Jon Snow in season 6 Game of Thrones – HBO

also, since Jon Snow has finally decided to march on Winterfell, we imagine with delight that awful Ramsay Bolton can finish his career in the psychopath Phantom stomach.

carnival Wolf

in farfouinant fan sites, there are also analyzes highlighting the symbolic role, even prophetic destiny wolves. Each wolf is in connection with his Stark. Lady is beautiful and sweet, like her mistress Sansa. And like her, she will experience a disastrous and unjust fate. His beheading
 the hand of Ned Stark stuck by his sense of honor and duty, is for some a prophecy of the future fate of Ned, unjustly beheaded in the end of season 1.

The runaway Nymeria foreshadows égalementle Arya fate of his mistress. As for Ghost, Broussaille and Grey Wind, they share the same fate as their masters.

The death of Summer however divides scholars of the work of George R. R. Martin. As Arya, Bran has the power to “live” through its wolf. It’s eye Summer he has his first visions. For some, the death of Summer is a renewal for Bran will cease to be a Stark to embrace his destiny super Pythia, the famous “crow with three eyes” who sees everything.

What in any case, after six seasons, we are still waiting the big moment of bravery where wolves play a major role in the plot. Because for now, except biting and growling, the Wolves Game of Thrones is not used much.



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