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André Glucksmann on the side of freedom – Liberation

They look great in the Apostrophes in May 1977. The founder and simple cutting verb, the long silky hair, a look of insolent youth first, they drew light under the eye delighted with the grand master of ceremonies Bernard Pivot. Sartre was standing on a barrel; they were sitting in a studio; it was just as effective. The “new philosophers” whose Glucksmann was the eldest, Maurice Clavel mentor and Bernard-Henri Lévy the chorus leader, made their big splash on the intellectual scene that became a media scene.

New philosophers but Also new policy … It must be seen in the context of the time when Marxism remained, despite Solzhenitsyn, the great reference of part of the left. The Communist Party represented a five voters, held the CGT and kept in life ideas influence that May 68 had only started to shake. It was understood, the gulag was a reality, belatedly admitted even by Althusser – incredible blindness of those who gave the mission of thinking about the world – but it was, for the defenders of the faith, an avatar of “Asiatic mode of production” , according to the term stung Marx. The Stalinist system was an accident of history, an expression of Russian backwardness, a monstrous deviation in a historical movement of progress and revolution, a repressive blister leaving intact the tables of the law.

Arrive these young people came from leftism often actors more or less active than 68. And boom! Monks against the Party and burgraves of the old left, they explain that the worm is in the fruit Marxist, that thought ‘scientific’ own Hegelian or Platonic to the West, which led to the “historical materialism” absolute dogma of the Marxist left, is the real culprit. Horror and abomination, hell and damnation!

acrobatic Destiny

Philosophically, the thesis is hardly overwhelming. Critics of communism, of Marxism, of Western thought too imperious, were already legion even left. But this time the iron was brought, not by pompous intellectuals bluestem or Le Figaro (there were a gaggle, contrary to popular belief, dominated by the tutelary figure of Raymond Aron) but by young essayists look at actors who resembled, by the grace of the fashion, abundant hair and open collars, romantic battle of Hernani and Three Glorious. A fed barrage, the one triggered by Pierre Bourdieu, particularly, there was not much. Housed studios and magazines as once occupied factories, the “new philosophers” in France have dropped Marxist idols undermined by the appalling failure of “real socialism”. Only Alain Badiou survives, oddly rediscovered by journalists without memory.

In this just struggle against totalitarianism, Glucksmann was one of the most articulate, although BHL was the real leader of the case active as an empire colonel would have happened to the Andy Warhol school.

Son of communist Jewish activists, Associate philosophy in 1961, assistant to Raymond Aron, Andre Glucksmann first moves in far left. It calls for the European revolution, the Communists qualifies “revisionists” because it is the warm and quasi Social Democrats. He denounces “fascism” to power in France, which was not a great show political lucidity facing an authoritarian regime certainly a little but still democratic, the main leaders risked their lives the Resistance or Free France, against fascism, exactly. He joined the Maoists of the Proletarian Left, uncompromising devotees of the Cultural Revolution, one of the calamities unleashed by Mao against his people. Common sense was not at that time the best shared thing left …

Then suddenly it’s the road to Damascus. After the Democratic Left lambasted for his reformism, he castigates the symmetrically opposite position and for its complicity with communism. Acrobatic fate of some leftism too sure of himself … In the stove and men Eater and thinkers Masters , two brilliant and important books, leads Glucksmann a historical burden and violent philosophy against Stalinism, Leninism, Marxism and socialism. As Lévy attack on another wing, but in the same direction, the two light horse bowl cut for one, white shirt for the other, become the pet peeves of some left while the annoying . right who is suddenly play the monopoly of anti

Attorney Putin

This is the rise of the anti-totalitarian left, who rediscovers – long after the Socialists and Republicans – the essential relevance of the philosophy of human rights and the need to base the political order on scrupulous respect for individual freedoms. In a symbolic gesture also decisive Glucksmann horrified by the plight of the boat people fleeing the dictatorship established by the Communist Party in South Vietnam after the Americans left, meets in the same delegation Sartre and Aron, who go to Elysée 1979 one day apply for aid for the unfortunate refugees who drown China Sea. The two “little friends” Normale Sup, great intellectuals of the post-war, the staunch conservative and revolutionary metaphysical, find themselves involved in the cause of human rights.

C is now the only compass Glucksmann that combines all her life activism and philosophical reflection. Good connoisseur of Russia, he will engage in favor of Chechen separatists exposed to abuses by the Russian army and become the tireless prosecutor Vladimir Putin. But these just fights are fast dyed rigid Atlanticism. With this systematism probably inherited leftists years Glucksmann pushes anti-totalitarianism to its end by supporting systematic US policy even in its most glaring mistakes. Partisan to conduct the Cold War after the Cold War, it is Reaganite foreign policy and, later on, Sarkozy in domestic politics. Member of “Oratory group”, sponsor of the journal New World , he rallied quite flatly interventionist views of US neoconservatives. It encourages US military intervention in all directions, he believed somewhat naively led by the only concern for human rights, even in the second Iraq war, which ended in a historic fiasco. Consistent with himself, he separated from Nicolas Sarkozy as French President Putin approaches

oratory Brio

This is the great quality Glucksmann. His sincerity, even err, served by an undoubted oratorical brilliance and great intelligence. In antigauche conversion, he went much too far, to be the advocate of George Bush. But even in his swerving, it is always placed on the side of freedom

Laurent Joffrin Publishing Director Liberation


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