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Bombings in Paris: sponsor of the messages to the killer Hyper Hide – The World

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A video of Amedy Coulibaly in which he claims the attacks in Paris in January.

The massive investigation into the attacks in Paris in January is moving today, especially on the trail of a principal. A person may have remotely coordinated attacks Kouachi brothers against Charlie Hebdo, January 7, and Amedy Coulibaly l Hyper Hide the gate of Vincennes, January 9. It was the discovery of some of the exchanges that Limited with the latter who betrayed his existence. As it is, impossible to identify his name or exact location. The evidence relevant to its presence are just pieces of mail and disparate IP addresses identified in the vastness of the Web

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But ten months to the day after the attacks, the noose is tightening gradually, according to the elements Le Monde was able to consult, around an individual based overseas. A man who, obviously, had an overall view of the killings that have killed 17 people and drove some of the operations.

Written in terse language of SMS, but always precise in their instructions, messages of this mysterious sponsor resemble each time to real warriors orders. “Okay, fe ske ta fair today ms single com that you rentr follows you sleep plank and Verifi adress the jrs 1 ts: information soon pr recup friends help you. you rid chip, now turn on one adress, adress finished 2 “, he writes thus Amedy Coulibaly January 7 to 14 hours. Is only two hours after the killing of Charlie Hebdo

The reinforcement of several comrades

Earlier, at exactly 12:48, the coordinator unknown consulted a message of the future killer Hyper Hide containing several files named “inventories.” One of them was not encrypted and gives an idea of ​​the content of others. “I have a AK74 with 275 cartridges. Six tokarev 69 cartridge. Three military by gillet gillet shot three two tactical bomb gel and two large knives, a gas choqueur “. Email the haphazard spelling probably written by Amedy Coulibaly himself

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In addition to establishing that there was therefore a person behind the scenes pulling the strings of the drama, these exchanges suggest the fact that beyond the Kouachi brothers had Amedy Coulibaly, he seems to receive the backing of several fellow soldiers for his macabre saga. A scenario which attests, watermark, a last address of the alleged sponsor, unveiled by BFM TV, October 13. The message this time dated January 8 at 5:21 p.m.. “ 1) not possible friends, tt work alone,” writes including the corresponding elusive, adding “2) if possible find and work with Weirdoes well. 3) if possible expliker ds video ke give you the tools to zigoto name to specify leskels. “ ” Weirdoes “ Kouachi designate the brothers, then in full run. “D” means “Daech.”

Officially, only Kouachi brothers claimed the attack on behalf of the satirical newspaper Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). Claim supported, from January 9, with a video message on YouTube spokesman of AQAP in Yemen, Nasser Bin Ali Al-Anassi. In another posthumous video, Amedy Coulibaly, he has called for the Islamic state (EI). But by exhuming these exchanges, the meticulous work of cybercrime investigators shows that the borders may be porous between the two organizations.

Testamentary requirements Coulibaly

What individual, francophone, may have the experience, background and network, to find themselves informed of both the project Kouachi brothers against Charlie Hebdo on behalf of AQAP and that of Amedy Coulibaly in the name of EI? Which route behind this unexpected careful not to let AQAP “benefit” only the media coverage of the bombing of the satirical newspaper?

Without any link to be made directly with the attacks, two names of French jihadists insistently appear in colossal instruction of Judge Nathalie Poux: those of Peter Cherif and Salim Benghalem. Both have the distinction of having been more or less close to Kouachi brothers and Amedy Coulibaly, while being passed through Yemen, where AQAP is.

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In his mysterious guardian operational, Amedy Coulibaly had in any case entrusted to his testamentary prescriptions. In a final undated message entitled “salam”, he asks that we take care of his religious wife, Hayat Boumedienne: “I wish the brother takes care of my wife in the rules of the Islam, he calls particular. I would like for her that she is not found alone it is a good financial circumstances it is not dellaiser. Especially her to learn Arabic, the Koran and religious science. Be careful what good is a religiously aye. The most important is the Dine [religion in Arabic] and the faith and for her it needs to be accompanied. May Allah assist you. “

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