Wednesday, November 11, 2015

CINEMA. “Spectrum” It is good, the Bond – The Obs

He is back! In half past two, he has time to break two helicopters, an airplane, some Range Rover, Maserati, a dining car, to see the building explode secret services, as large as the palace of Ceausescu, to annoy her superiors to be injecting smart blood (blood with nano-chips) to be drill two holes in the skull to suffer the taunts of Franz Oberhauser aka Blofeld to sell off a colossus through the door of the train, to seduce three creatures whose sublime Lucia (Monica Bellucci). He has the devil in the skin, Bond, James Bond. As the wicked

You are a kite dancing in the storm “

The result: 007 of excellent wine, a less spectacular than hair.” Skyfall ” but much more gratifying than the versions with lazy smiles Roger Moore or the tragic mine Timothy Dalton. At least when Daniel Craig balance a flock-conk, we believe in it.

For 24 opus ( you do not count the unstamped versions by Eon Productions), share our secret agent on the trail of a mysterious organization, Spectrum, whose purpose is piracy of data from nine countries for world domination. Daech, next, this is a joke. Boko Haram, a fly shit.

The Fair throne of espionage

Spectrum, it’s heavy. Especially as the big boss has family ties with Bond (I will say no more) and all the characters from previous films were made in the same tentacles (just so that we understand well, the generic is full of octopuses). . But rest assured: James saves the Crown and, incidentally, the planet

Filmed with malice by Sam Mendes (“American Beauty”), this “007 Spectre” starts on Day of the Dead in Mexico – it is spectacular – continues to Tangier, in a sleazy bar, continues in Rome and ends in the Moroccan desert. Meanwhile, James still managed to throw his car (which is worth three million pounds) in the Thames

In short, everything is there. Luxurious generic song, the theme music, the exoticism, the soft eroticism, violence, brawls, fine watches, paranoia, fairy tale universe. “007 Spectre” is the ultimate fun movie, the Fair Throne of espionage, and for James Bond, it’s kind of Parc-aux-Cerfs where girls await his pleasure. 007 is therefore a deer? Steering sometimes.

François Forestier

♥♥♥ “ 007 Spectre “, by Sam Mendes. American action film, with Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Lea Seydoux, Monica Bellucci (2:30).


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