Sean Connery and Ian Fleming on the set location of “Goldfinger”. – NANA PRODUCTIONS / SIPA
* Anne Demoulin

” I used to serve as a base, various types encountered during the war, “confided Ian Fleming about 007. In James Bond in the geopolitical spectrum (The Spirit of the time, 21 euros ), Jean-Antoine Duprat investigation into the real men of the fictional hero models. James Bond is a composite character, a well balanced and as explosive cocktail that his famous dry martini. The iconic British spy recipe.

2 bars of “The Living Daylights” Ian Fleming

“James Bond is the avatar of Ian Fleming,” says Jean-Antoine Duprat. The author transmits 007 “its qualities and defects, passion beautiful women, beautiful cars, skiing, and American cigarettes, and in novels, a reluctance to kill.” The author and the hero are of Scottish origin “Arnisdale House, the family home of Fleming, north of Scotland, evokes the clan manor Bond, Skyfall. “They are both excluded from Eton following scandals related to their sexual precocity. The death-defying Fleming survives a collision with a train and an avalanche exploits recycled The Man with the Golden Gun and Secret Service of His Majesty . At the beginning of World War II, he became an officer of the British naval intelligence. The order Fleming’s Goldeneye operation develops around Gibraltar, if Franco would ally with the forces of the axis. Fleming married in 1952 and believes that “life is now over.” He sends his double paper, 007 on the ground.

2 steps of “For Your Eyes Only” William Stephenson

An avid cryptology and gadgets, William Stephenson is a Canadian spy, of Scottish ancestry and orphan as 007, better known as codenamed “Intrepid”. “He understands that information literacy is essential” and launches the Ultra program to drill the German Enigma encryption secrets. “It mediates between Churchill and Roosevelt and sign messages to the future head of the OSS, WJ Donovan, a very bondienne statement,” Four your eyes only “.” After creating a branch of British intelligence, the British Security Coordination in New York, he set up camp X to Canada and invites Ian Fleming. A Hamilton Princess Hotel in Bermides, he set up a “secret base, which has nothing to envy the Spectrum, where real work Q, which foreshadows the NSA.” The Aquarium of the lair of Dr. No is inspired by the bar of the palace.

1/2 measure of the “world is not enough” to Sidney Reilly

“Fleming never crossed Sidney Reilly, but there is much talk. “Sidney Reilly is a” mercenary of espionage, an adventurer who travels the world “on behalf of the SIS, which will become the MI6 in 1921, under the code name” ST1 “. This polyglot “visceral anti” is “as a disguise and a great deceiver who has a wife in every continent.” On mission in Iran, he managed to “recover an oil concession, which he sells to the English.” His motto “Nulla Fides Mundo”, “Do not trust anyone” reminiscent of the clan Bond “non sufficit Orbis”, “The World is Not Enough”, the first film of the saga where 007 is involved in an oil mission. It was shot on Stalin’s orders in 1925, his wife published a statement reminiscent published by M in Skyfall . “Several disturbing facts suggest to its survival. “The legend was born.

1/2 measurement of “Thunderball” of Patrick Dalzel-Job

Patrick Dalzel-Job has signed an autobiography, entitled The James Bond True . “It’s an adventurer, a man of ground, sea lovers.” It will provide the Admiralty topographic surveys the Norwegian coast before the Second World War. “The Admiralty neglected and leads them astray. “. During his mission for the Royal Navy in preparation for the offensive Narvik, “he saved civilians, ignoring the orders, like James Bond.” He is saved from the court martial by King Haakon VII of Norway. He leads “various operations on small submarines like Thunderball on landing.” Under orders from Ian Fleming, “it will have the same relationship with him as with M Bond. “

A touch of” Casino Royal “with Dusco Popov

“Ivan” among Germans, “Tricycle” among Allies. Dusco Popov informs Edgar Hoover of the attack on Pearl Harbor. But believes a double agent? “Ian Fleming was then commissioned to follow. “In Lisbon, it is then witnessed a portion of baccarat in which the Serbian put on one gives $ 38,000 of his mission expenses and wins the bluff. A scene immortalized in Casino Royale .