Saturday, June 4, 2016

DELETED: the filming will begin in January – Le Figaro

VIDEO – In an interview on Frequency ESJ, comedian François Rollin, who plays King Loth, revealed that he would participate the first film derived from the famous series created by Alexandre Astier.

King Arthur and his knights of the round table are (finally) back. During an interview on Frequency ESJ, comedian François Rollin, said it would be good in the film’s distribution Kaamelott, which follows the famous series created in 2005 by Alexandre Astier.

“the film will likely turn in January and it is more than likely that I will be part,” has said the actor, who plays King Loth. Filming is already programmed and even begin in January 2017. This is a story that will delight millions of fans of the saga, who eagerly awaited the return of their hero.

The film is a long project like confided Alexandre Astier, in 2015 on the site MetroNews : “The end of the saga, in my mind has always been a trilogy of films. But there is a period I want to tell is called “Kaamelott Resistance,” which speaks of when Arthur is not in Britain and Lancelot is in power and we know where the characters are shared between resistance and Collaboration . “

he also said that the film would be lighter than the final season of the series:” I do not think I write the same film today that if I wrote ago 6 or 7 years. It follows that I want to see now, those with whom I want to play, the color I want to put there. It might have been darker then, in outward direct the series. But now that I am no longer in the same spirit, I would perhaps feel like messing. “


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