Sunday, June 5, 2016

Germany: Lightning injures 80 people sign stopping a festival – Le Figaro

VIDEO – The Rock am Ring festival had to suspend its third day of festivities because of weather conditions. Friday, June 3, lightning has struck the protest and injured many others.

End festivities at Rock am Ring. The German festival, located in Mendig in the west of Germany, was forced to cancel its third day due to bad weather. Feet in the mud, rain on the head, the festival must now return to their household gods. Bad news for music lovers that will put yet safe.

Friday, June 3, the lightning is shot effect on the event. About 80 injured were counted. “The police, firefighters and the Red Cross responded and were able to quickly rescue the people most affected,” explained a statement Saturday the festival organizers. At least eight festival-goers still hospitalized.

First suspended for several hours Saturday because a new storm was looming, the festival was finally able to return for a few hours in the evening. The Red Hot Chili Peppers, the main headliner of the event, were on stage as planned during their set on Saturday night.

The city of Mendig, however, decided to withdraw its permission to the festival, reported the event on the night of Saturday to Sunday. New storm still threatened the holding of the event. The 31st edition of Rock am Ring will have been greatly shaken. It was fully booked, with 92,500 tickets sold.


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