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The starting Maïtena Biraben Canal +, a disavowal Vincent Bolloré – The World

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Maïtena Biraben, March 4, 2016.

This is the end of an open secret: the host of the “Grand Journal” Maïtena Biraben, will stop presenting the issue of Canal + the end of the season, and leave the string. The announcement was made Thursday, June 2, a statement by Canal +, which it “wishes every success in his projects” . The “Grand Journal” will always be in September, but played by a new face, and probably upset a grid.

In recent weeks, the signs of malaise had multiplied. In late April, Maïtena Biraben stopped presenting the show a few days, officially for health reasons. His bad agreement with the show’s production team, the company Flab Prod, had finally transpire. And the applicant no longer concealed his despondency, amid hearings at half

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This departure is a scathing repudiation for Vincent Bolloré, the group due to boss Canal +, which chose itself Maïtena Biraben, in the offseason, to succeed Antoine de Caunes in September 2015. Despite a difficult start, Mr. Bolloré has defended Maïtena Biraben saying in October that it “was part of the term” . “Maïtena Biraben, you’re with us until 2022! “, he had also protested, facing the employees of Canal + on 12 November at the Olympia.

The announcement of Maïtena Biraben adds to an impressive series of other departures revealed in recent weeks, which give Canal + exodus of earth-like. In one month, figures such as Yann Barthes ( “Le Petit Journal”), the sports commentator Gregory Margotton, Ophelia Miller ( “The Tube”) or Bruce Toussaint, i-Télé, chose to leave the band.

most of these departures anticipate the significant reduction in plain slices, which was announced by Canal + leaders. “We will send more to our subscribers, with more films and a significant drop in the clear” , repeated Gérald-Brice Viret, director antennas Wednesday 1 st June in the national Assembly. Mr. Bolloré believes that the “clear” is not profitable, while Canal + France posted a loss of € 264 million in 2015 and expects to lose another 408 million in 2016.

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