Thursday, July 28, 2016

Three good reasons to applaud Jesse Eisenberg – Glamour

Three good reasons to applaud Jesse Eisenberg © Concorde Filmverleih GmbH / Jay Maidment

  1. For his faultless

 Only 32 years and a career that is close to perfection. In one short decade, Jesse Eisenberg, New York, has imposed its attractive face and especially his exponential talent in American cinema where he (almost) always made the right choices. Small independent films that owe everything to its ambiguous and nervous game as Jewish Connection , Kevin Ash. The “big” ambitious films where it blends into its complex characters like The Social Network David Fincher where he plays, no less, Mark Zuckerberg, the inventor and mentor Facebook. International fictions where he starred with the cream of global art films, such as Louder than bombs , Joachim Trier, where dialogue with Isabelle Huppert. Unclassifiable comedies like Adventureland or Zombieland , which provide its rating to the juvenile public. One on … With his false shyness as an armor and amazing caméléonisme, Jesse Eisenberg, in all good shots, never fails to attract the best filmmakers. And there is no reason to change that.

  2. For his seduction capital

 Woody Allen veteran, who rarely mistaken when he creates his casting was very inspired by engaging for his latest film: the amazing Cafe Society . Woody Jesse had directed in To Rome with Love , but this time, he gave him the lead role: that of Bobby, a young guy first encased in its complex in Los Angeles for years 30 and radiant and seductive in New York. In the film, Bobby cracked two heroines camped by – no less, bis – Kristen Stewart and Blake Lively. This is not the first time one of his characters melts a girl. Thus, in 2013, in The Double , a delirious adaptation of Dostoevsky signed Richard Ayoade was Mia Wasikowska who swooned and raved. For this shoot, rumor has it that Jesse and Mia file the perfect love. A beautiful couple, as they say.

  3. For its good projects all directions

 If auteur cinema is his homeland and directors ambitious stage his brothers in arms, Jesse Eisenberg, from time to time, do not hate a lap side blockbusters. The evidence this summer, with an incomprehensible 2 where, in the company of “four horsemen” of brilliant professional magicians, he finds himself embarked on a criminal adventure at high risk. Pure entertainment where the actor alongside other major players in the U.S. cinema, whose unstoppable Mark Ruffalo and Woody Harrelson, and proves that he has more than one trick up his sleeve. And Eisenberg does not stop there way since soon end up in several promising projects: End of The Tour , James Ponsold on the murky relationship between a journalist and a successful writer and Justice League Zack Snider, a “huge movie,” where superheroes Superman, Batman, Aquaman and Cyborg (among others) conspire together their muscles. We are not worried about the bank account of Jesse Eisenberg, nor for the rest of his exciting career

  “Insaissisables 2″, John M.Chu, with Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson … Released on 13 July.


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