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007 “Bond Moments” in Skyfall – Film

The biggest financial success of the saga James Bond movie (entries, Thunderball is still on the first step) and third episode of the era Daniel Craig includes its share of delicious movie times and deliciously bondiens. Quick overview

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001 The swan dive

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We were lost some of Bond view mad dog with the previous episode Quantum Of Solace . Here we find him in top form at the prégénérique Skyfall . The jump 007 carries over the parapet of the bridge, using his bike like a catapult, draws a line direct union with Casino Royale which is remembered, among other things happening Bond follies literally through a wall to continue his opponent. This scene, like the vast majority of those constituting the film, read a double meaning: both readable first degree in dramatic form of action, it is also the message that we are still dealing with the agent . insubordinate and a little rough the reboot, ready to take foolish risks to achieve his purposes

002: The costume readjustment


Bond However there is a bit more advanced than that of Casino Royale , and is now becoming the Bond we experienced in the first 20 films of the saga. The proof with this fun time, after opening the back of a wagon with a backhoe, Bond / Craig lands on the platform handle and then readjusts costume before continuing on as Bond / Brosnan liked readjusting his tie in Similar times past. This moment is a “groaner” triggering laughter and comments in theaters around the world, further proof of the universality of Bond, and fidelity to the public, which can recognize the iconic ingredients of the saga as and that they are introduced into the reboot

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003: Love and War

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After Patrice défenestré the assassin during a filmed sequence silhouettes Bond regains consciousness and his eyes meet Severine in the building opposite. This is one of the best moments of the film, both romantic and poetic, beautifully set to music by Thomas Newman and informed by the director of photography Roger Deakins, who summed up in one shot the essence of the ingredients form the world of James Bond: black, violence, luxury, death, love, women. We understand here why the producers chose Sam Mendes to make the film: the author in his images printed various levels of reading, that officials artisans Bond of pre-and post Sean Craig era Connery were picking in rare times, often by accident

004: Effrontery

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It ‘ is the largest image undoubtedly Skyfall , coming third in the film, but far exceeding anything that follows next. Séverine informed Bond that his bodyguards will kill him after his departure. Left alone, Bond raises his glass of vodka Martini at the guards who monitor their balcony and toast to their health. The plan, almost Blade Runneresque , is perfectly Bondien. The luxurious bar, smoking, glass, cocktail, and the effrontery of Bond face of danger ahead. Everything is there. Too bad the fight scene that follows is as misguided, and absolutely not up to that time and incredible promise he summarizes

005:. Eroticism

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If the Casino fight scene is disappointing, it can not be said of the exquisitely bondienne when Bond enters the Séverine bathroom and made love in the shower. The scene shocked many viewers, who have sex with a woman you just met is akin to rape. The same people who believe that offering a drink to a woman reports to the likely harassment. Message for them: heterosexuality between two consenting individuals still form the majority of sex on the planet. Fortunately, Bond is still there to remind us

006: The first time



If the Séverine scene exists in the film is to provide for that the homosexual seduction which follows, and disrupted many spectators. Trying to make Bond feel uncomfortable, Raoul Silva touches like a lover would do with his wife. “What makes you believe that this is the first time?” Bond replied, disarming maneuver of the wicked and shocking many purists. In truth, this moment is absolutely and totally Flemingien. Those who know the biography of the author and creator of James Bond know that he grew up in Eton, a school for boys in the growing hormones which sometimes unfolded power games, as sex between same atouchements sex. It is undoubtedly at this time that Fleming to develope both a fascination and repulsion to homosexuality and sadism, which is evident in all his writings, and he has just sent to Bond. When asked is this the first time that Bond was tied and hit like this, so we will be very tempted to answer, like 007, not

007. The loop is closed

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The End the reboot? None Image Skyfall has more fans smile long saga that of Bond in the end, crossing Moneypenny, then entered the office of M, complete with quilted leather door and as before receiving his new mission. Things will they finally get sorted, and 007 Spectre there will be a new adventure in classic Bond? Both yes and no. You do not see anything

007 Spectre finally released this Wednesday, November 11

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