Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Adele without makeup on the cover of “Rolling Stone” – Le Point

The picture is surprising: while the star charts plays the card as soon as glamorous crowd scene or the red carpet, Adele decided to put in a bathrobe, hair wet – almost – without makeup on one of the number Rolling Stone dated November, revealing her dark circles and a tattoo on his hand. A natural approach rather successful, even if the fans will hardly recognize their idol.

“Do I would show my body if I were thinner? asks the singer, 27, in the columns of the magazine. Probably not, my body is mine! But sometimes I wonder what would have been my success if I had not done one size bigger, as they say. “And to clarify:” I affects everyone because of my imperfections, and I think that people are also considered perfect inaccessible. “

The Hangover, it’s over

This does not prevent him from watching your diet for his upcoming comeback . The singer limit sugars and wishes to maintain his body, without being obsessed with “size zero”. Any diet is the “whining,” she says. However, it has definitely stopped smoking. “I loved it, but it’s still not cool to die from a smoking-related illness devastated and let my child. “To drink, same rigor, it has severely limited doses. “It happened to me to drink until falling under the table [...] she admits Rolling Stone . But with children, hangover becomes a real torture. They realize just in … “

Since the birth of his little Angelo, she had with her partner Simon Konecki, his life changed. Everything revolves around him, she said: “He became my boss, which is pretty funny for those watching, because in my job, it’s more me, boss. “That is his” angel “that was tattooed the word Paradise on her hand. “Everything I love in me, he does so naturally to me out, and he remains the only person to say no … He rules me completely. “

” We have not felt the need to get married “

It also takes advantage of the interview to restore some truths about her marriage. No, she is not separate, contrary to what the rumors suggested, and she did not want to marry. “I’ve said a million times, I’m not married, even if everyone says we are, says the singer. We have not felt the need to get married, period. We have a child together, and this is a sufficiently important commitment in my eyes. “

She said she met Simon Konecki, 41, a businessman turned-humanitarian, when the success of their album 21 , which has cleaned to outset their relationship. “He supports me very much, recognizes the star. My ex-boyfriend did not support my success and the fact that I have to share my life with many. “In his new album 25 , which comes out on November 20, she even dedicated to him one of his tracks,” Water Under The Bridge. ” “It’s about a relationship suddenly becomes serious … It is initially frightened, before realizing that it will be positive. “Konecki has not listened to the album. “And if he does not like? “Asks Adele.

The welcome from his fans should certainly reassure her. Its title “Hello”, available for a week, a hit worldwide: the video has been seen 200 million times on YouTube and just crossed the million mark in digital sales in the United States, breaking all records. And that’s only the beginning.


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