Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Star Wars Stormtroopers parade before the Paris Opera – Le Figaro

WE WERE Y – The Galeries Lafayette organized November 4 a Paris fashion show on Boulevard Haussmann showcasing the saga of George Lucas

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A few weeks before the release in French cinemas from Star Wars: The Force Wake , the saga was back Wednesday in all its forms. Until more commercial. Galeries Lafayette a fashion show made Stormtroopers, Empire soldiers, Jedi and droids

A few hundred fans, usually come with family, have therefore agreed to meet on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris, a few meters from the Opera. For the occasion, a carpet had been unrolled, both grandstands and installed giant screens.

From 18 hours, the latest trailer of the movie as expected, in theaters December 16, have resounded on the famous Parisian artery. The emotion was rising gradually. The wait was unbearable.

Still, it was hard to forget that it was a communication operation. A VIP area was arranged for VIPs. “No overtaking the white line, otherwise the images will be missed”, “missing grandstand people,” could it also be heard among the ranks of the organizers, as anxious as conscious of representing a franchise that requires absolute rigor.

18.30. The parade was starting. The imperial march, this air so famous that usually inducts Darth Vader – conspicuously absent from this event – snarled close to the Opera. Stormtroopers disembarked, followed by Imperial Guards. The steps were millimeters. Then a slew of Jedi, equipped with green and blue lightsabers, undertook choreography, sometimes random.

Before the finale, droids led by the famous R2-D2 appeared on the carpet. Behind the scenes, four specialists guided them using game consoles joysticks. It was far from the interpretation of Kenny Baker, small actor who was hiding under the metal of the robot in the movies of George Lucas.

Smoke, launch party favors, music … It’s up There is, Christmas has (already) begun Galeries Lafayette. But we are still waiting to find this so mythical universe. For this it will have to wait, at least until December 16.


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