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Claire Chazal: after his dismissal, JT the Queen is back on TV – Le Parisien

Victor Fortunato | 13 Nov. 2015, 10:08 | Update: 13 Nov. 2015, 11:20

The journalist will replace Laurent Goumarre the presentation of culuturel newspaper France 5 released 20 h 15-20 h 30 … in direct competition with the JT TF1.

For fans of the former Queen of JT TF1 this is very good news as can be seen through the many messages posted by users on social networks.

The Closer magazine says journalist currently finalizing the termination of his contract with TF1. The latest negotiations would bear particularly on its severance. According to information of Nouvel Observateur, Queen of info negotiate severance pay which would be around 2 million. After this agreement Claire Chazal will embark on this new adventure and accept the position offered him the group France Télévisions. According Closer, Claire Chazal and France 5 will be developed for arrival in January.

24-year reign on TF1 JT Weekend

After 24 years of rule on newspapers TF1 weekend, Claire Chazal had bid farewell to viewers in a very moving message on 13 September. She spoke of her happiness and pride for having accompanied during this quarter century of information, “” Thank you very much for being faithful for 24 years these weed-end newspapers, I was very happy and proud to present, we have woven together a very strong bond, extremely valuable to me. “

One last Claire Chazal JT synonymous audience record since he was watched by 40.8% of viewers (10.2 million), according to figures from Médiamétrie. The edition of 20 hours of TF1 on Sunday had not achieved such a score from the interview with Dominique Strauss-Kahn September 18th, 2011 with 12.5 million viewers (44.4% audience share).

VIDEO. Claire Chazal says goodbye

zapping. Claire Chazal, 24 TV news

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