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James Bond drinks okay, three glasses, hello ecstasy! – Le Figaro

VIDEOS – Shaken not Stirred, Cocktails James Bond 007 is a recipe book to read in moderation. The author, Franz Joseph, made the rounds of intoxicating liquor savored by Ian Fleming’s hero throughout his adventures.

Alcoholic mundane, killer secret agent, a tad stressed out, or refined esthete? Taste (im) Moderate Bond for cocktails and fine wines has stored for a long time in the camp of the enemies of temperance league.

Telemachus editions clearly have no use for such gossip as they publish Shaken not stirred, James Bond 007 cocktails , a breviary that delivers the recipes of the favorite drinks of the hero , elite public servant of His Gracious Majesty.

In the absence of being a drunkard patented James Bond is a manic gourmet. In 1953 Casino Royale , Ian Fleming describes the favorite cocktail recipe of his hero. The service bartender has to religiously listen to the orders of his fussy customer: “A Dry Martini. First in a cup champagne …. Three measures of Gordon’s, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Spend a shaker until it is well struck and then add a large lemon zest. Got it? “

The scene is set in the first volume of his adventures. James Bond has certainly the right to kill his double zero serial attests, but it also has the duty to drink. Filmmakers will take what guilty pleasure. The command vodka martini, accompanied by the famous tirade “shaken not stirred” will be present in almost all movies.

François Joseph recipe book lists no less than twenty ways to prepare cocktails. We can not resist the idea of ​​giving you some iconic recipes *.

Vodka-Martini is eternal

In a martini glass, you pay:

– 1 measure vodka

– œ measuring vermouth dry Martini or Noilly Prat

– 1 green olive pitted Mixing is obviously shaker, not a spoon.

Martini, the original

Winston Churchill had a personal recipe. He filled his glass of gin and a bottle of vermouth watched. The recipe is bondienne less poetic:

– 1 measure gin

– œ measuring vermouth

– 1 lemon zest … the rest is history . Pour into a shaker filled with ice. Shake, shake …

The Vesper to fall in love

James dedicated to this drink Vesper Lynd, a troubling double agent, he loved …

– 3 measures gin

– 1 measure of vodka

– œ measuring Cocchi Americano Lillet or

– 1 zest Citon. As for the Dry Martini, you will provide yourself with a shaker … then this kind of modern ambrosia will be filtered before being poured into your glass.

The Bloody Mary ” Never Say Never

This is the explosive cocktail that Kim Basinger (Domino Petacci) command in Never Say Never (1983) The best unofficial Bond. The following dialogue between it and 007 is irresistible: “You want to drink something strong or mild? asked Sean Connery. Light, I will take a double Bloody Mary with plenty of worcester sauce, Kim replied. What you call strong, then “

For this prépareur dégeleur boreal ice must:

– 1 measure of vodka

– 3 measures tomato juice

-1 lemon

– 2 drops of Worcestershire sauce

– 2 drops of Tabasco

– 2 pinches of celery salt

– 2 pinches of pepper

– 1 stalk celery

Cardiac refrain … The law and the health of our we control the livers. Although it seems that there are Polish who drink at breakfast. The cocktails are beautiful James to taste, of course, with the greatest of moderation.

* You can find all revenue of secret agent Cocktails James Bond 007 , to Telemachus editions.


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