Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Prix ​​Goncourt 2015: which are the four authors in the running? – Le Figaro

Lydie Salvayre’s successor will be known in mid-day at the Drouant restaurant. Presentation of the four novelists and their book chronicled this fall by the Le Figaro Literary .

Shortly before 13h at Drouant, the General Secretary of the Académie Goncourt reveal the successor to Lydie Salvayre. Four authors can still claim the most prestigious literary awards. The press already has his favorites, and compared with the list of other rewards for guessing which of Mathias Énard, Hédi Kaddour, Nathalie Azoulai and Tobie Nathan will be the winner. A few hours of the award, brief review of contenders by critics of literary Figaro.

● Nathalie Azoulai

did not like Titus Berenice published by Editions POL, Nathalie plunges Azoulai in Racine’s work to tell a heartache in 2015. The narrator will seek consolation in classical tragedy. And we rediscover the life of Jean Racine, learning the orphan, his ascension to the Court, competition with Corneille and Molière. “The novelist said many labor tragedian” observes Mohammed Aïssaoui. “In all the pages, sentences are made of grace, they dance, whisper, to reread, to emphasize such aphorisms.”

● Mathias Énard

Compass , published by Actes Sud, Étienne de Montety welcomes “a dreamy and dazzling exploration” for a novel that “dominates the literary season.” Mathias Énard tells the story of insomnia, that of a young Viennese musicolologue haunted by his memories of the East. Winner of the Goncourt in 2010 for high school students Tell them about battles, kings and elephants , Mathias Énard has long been a favorite figure for the Goncourt. But his novel is the most demanding of the final selection.

Hédi Kaddour ●

The Tunisian-born novelist has won the Grand Prize novel by the French Academy, tied with Boualem Sansal. The overriding , published in the collection “White” Gallimard, tells the life in a village Maghreb 1920s, pushed by the arrival of a film crew Hollywod. “A novel long course in which it is good to dive, writes Stephen of Montety. We enter his story slowly and with relish, and it delights them. “If he has already received its autumn prices, Hédi Kaddour’s book is certainly the most popular of a last elite list.

● Tobie Nathan

Stock etnopsychiatre could bring to his second Prix Goncourt with The country that resembles you . The author describes his hometown, Cairo, imagining the Zohar story born in the Jewish ghetto in the Egyptian capital in 1925. A compelling story according Aïssaoui Mohammed, the story of an uprooting, a nostalgic novel: “If I have left Egypt, she never left my soul.”


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