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James Bond spy in the service of advertising – FranceTV info

Spectrum , James Bond, as spy-man sandwich, seems to have calmed down on advertising. Reminder investment products less discreet agent of the British adventure.

James Bond is handsome, James Bond is strong, James Bond’s class. Symbol of virility, the hero of Ian Fleming is a perfect advertising medium for advertisers targeting the male audience. Skyfall , released in 2012, urged him Heineken beer cap a little far, so production has chosen to reduce the amount of advertising in the new Spectrum , in theaters Wednesday 11 November. Since his film debut, praised the British spy with more or less discretion the merits of watches, alcohols and accompanying cars in his adventures.

Alcohols, a glass please mark

Promotional Poster Die Another Day 007 is a heavy drinker, and to quench his thirst, he does not just orange juice. Having expensive tastes, the secret agent tasted champagne from Bollinger Roger Moore Live and Let Die (1973). The Champagne house is mentioned in the saga of fourteen films, including Die Another Day (2002), perhaps the James Bond pulling the rope more about product placement. Pierce Brosnan, just released from a North Korean prison, casually ask them a vintage cup 1995

smirnoof bond Do not forget the famous vodka martini (half of the name is already a product placement) prepared in a shaker, not a spoon, Bond connects to suit his exploits. Left, Sean Connery concocts one, with a famous Russian vodka which he promotes as the agent of the British lines.

Skyfall , the official partnership with Heineken beer brand is hard to ignore. Daniel Craig drunk lasciviously in bed in a plane (from 10 seconds), whose screenplay usefulness is questionable.

Cars, preferably English

The James Bond universe is inseparable from Aston Martin, LA car 007, celebrated by the agent itself and by Q, the official supplier of gadgets. In this sequence of Goldfinger (1964) Sean Connery discovers his new racing car, the Aston Martin DB5, used for the first time in the series, whose name is distinctly delivered by Q.

Bond has made some sprains her story with Aston Martin, to promote the power and maneuverability of competing vehicles. He rolls to time in Bentley (such as books), but does not mind testing the overseas models: Toyota, Ford, BMW, etc … Let us especially For Your Eyes Only ( 1981) where Roger Moore carries its legendary phlegm in the yellow 2CV Carole Bouquet. Worship sequence where product placement smile, with all due respect to the car Citroen.

The watches, loyal to two brands

Again, James Bond has expensive tastes. From Sean Connery to Timothy Dalton – apart from a few infidelities in the 80s – the Rolex Submariner is (almost) always on the wrist of the British spy. Change of style, brand change: from GoldenEye (1995), Omega becomes its reference. Until passage Casino Royale (2008) where Eva Green / Viper mocks Insurance Daniel Craig / James Bond, before taking a look at his watch: “Rolex – Omega . – Beautiful. ” At least, the advertising message is clear.

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