Friday, November 6, 2015

Loubna Abidar: The heroine of “Much Loved” assaulted – Pure People

Noted in Cannes, awarded in Angoulême and Namur, the Moroccan actress Lubna Abidar has much to be proud of its performance in the film Much Loved . But it is now terrible news that comes from the actress: she was violently assaulted, reports the website of France 24

The 29-year actress, who plays a prostitute in the film <. em> Much Loved by Nabil Ayouch, revealed in a video she was assaulted in Morocco, where the feature has been prohibited. Blood and tears, it indicates that he was not authorized to lodge a complaint. So it broadcasts on social networks the sequence of events. The movie cast members have already been the subject of threats, but this time, a step was taken.

“I was assaulted. The doctors, clinics and police refused to receive me I went to the police station in Casablanca great at night and I was received with laughter The policeman said.. ‘Finally, Abidar has been hit!’ All this for a movie you have not seen. You saw only what they [the Moroccan authorities, Ed] wanted to show you. Jugez- me from the real movie , “she said in a video translated by France 24.


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