Sunday, November 8, 2015

Paris bombings. Emails sponsor the killer Hyper Hide – Ouest-France

On October 13, it was discovered the killer qu’Amédy Coulibaly Montrouge and Hyper Hide the door of Vincennes had instructions by mail from a sponsor, probably installed abroad. This Saturday, the newspaper Le Monde reveals some of the content of these mails exchanged between the terrorist and his Parisian prime contractor.

Written in terse language of SMS, but always precise in their instructions, messages of this mysterious sponsor resemble each time to real warriors orders. “Okay, fe ske ta fair today ms single com that you rentr follows you sleep plank and Verifi adress the jrs 1 ts: information soon pr recup friends help you. you rid chip, now turn on one adress, adress finished 2 “ he wrote thus Amedy Coulibaly January 7 to 14 hours. Is only two hours after the killing of Charlie Hebdo …

“I have a AK74 with 275 cartridges”

Amedy Coulibaly it would also have sent messages including several files named “inventories” , which were mostly coded. One of them, however, was not and Le Monde reveals the contents: “I have a AK74 with 275 cartridges. Six tokarev 69 cartridge. Three gillet by military ball three gillet tactical two bomb gel and two large gas knives a choqueur. “

Mid October, BFMTV had unveiled another mail mysterious sponsor who invited Amédy Coulibaly “working alone” , “go easier and safer” and “again several times” . According to the message of the Sponsor, it seems qu’Amedy Coulibaly was free to choose its target: “Maybe if large belt problem at the center. It is you who know best ‘, indicate the message. Failing to attack Paris, the terrorist could see the surroundings.

“On behalf of ” d “

According BFMTV, the sender used a fake account that passes through a courier based in the United States. In the message, the speaker also asked him to approach accomplices and make a video. “If possible find and work with zigoto explain in video than you give zigoto tools in the name of” d “, the statement said.

Zigoto could be a code name for the Kouachi brothers or other accomplices and “d” to Daech. The message also states that the companion of Amedy Coulibaly, Hayat Boumeddiene be supported. We know that the young woman left France for Syria just before the attacks

See the video made by our colleagues BFMTV mid-October.


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