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Star Wars VII: the secret history of Jar Jar Binks – Le Figaro

Often mocked or hated, the creature is still become a must in the saga. The we will soon end up in The Force Wake , indoor December 16.

“Missa Jar Jar Binks “. But who is this Jar Jar Binks, a little smarter Gungan became a senator? Fans of the first historical Star Wars trilogy are the silly, those adorable second.

A symbol of the commercial approach of the saga, the director JJ Abrams has decided not to keep the character his corpse The Force Wake . American filmmaker wanting to “kill the father” and the excesses of the episodes I to III of the franchise to return to the charm of feature films IV to VI.

Jar Jar Binks first appeared in The Phantom Menace and accompanies the hero, Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker in their adventures against the Sith double lightsaber Darth Maul. The character conquers the youngest audience and George Lucas decided to make it a recurring protagonist. Until he became a senator in Attack of the Clones .

An accomplice Emperor Palpatine?

It is precisely in this component as Jar Jar Binks plays an ambiguous role in the origin of a thesis recently shared by a user and now an important finding echo. According to him, the Gungan would work done to the dark side of the Force. This is justified by the argument that the creature made in the Senate in favor of the grant of full powers in favor of Chancellor Palpatine, which – as we know -. Later became the Emperor, Darth Vader Master

So, simple naivety of a real evil designs manipulated or character? The Web is divided on the issue. But despite the intentions that are attributed to him, Internet like Jar Jar Binks. The latest example: the trailer of Force Wake revisited so Jar Jar. The creature is back at every level of the video released mid-October. Probably one of the best diversion that has been done on this clip.

Jar Jar Binks played by Michael Jackson

Furthermore, Jar Jar Binks could therefore bid farewell the December 16th in French cinemas, has always been loved by a famous singer Michael Jackson. His worship was such that the “King of Pop” has even urged George Lucas to play this role … on the big screen in The Phantom Menace .

Interviewed by Vice several months ago, Ahmed Best, the interpreter of Jar Jar Binks, recounted the scenes of assigning this role. “George introduced me as Jar Jar [with Michael Jackson at the end of a concert, Ed]. I thought it was weird. Michael had the air and disappointed after he left, we left a nightcap. I was drinking with George and I asked him why he introduced me as Jar Jar. He said: “Michael wanted to play the character, but he wanted to do it with prosthetics and makeup, as in Thriller.” A choice that was not the taste of the creator of the saga, which already planned to create the character completely digitally.

And, true to the malice of Jar Jar Binks, here is a final theory, this time much less credible.


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