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The end of the myth of James Bond – Arcinfo

Born from the pen of Ian Fleming in 1952, sent on a mission on the big screen in 1962, James Bond, who was named after the author of a treaty of ornithology lying on the desk of the writer, today the size of a contemporary myth that seems to stand the test of time and bullets opponents. Yet to see the twenty-fourth film of his adventures, the sustainability of the agent in the service of His Majesty seems to be well underway. Like the previous episode, already directed by Sam Mendes, “Spectrum 007″ perfume exhales a funeral and even mortuary, and that is precisely what makes his interest!

Tempus fugit

An orphan of the old M, who remembers opportunely to his good memory, 007 (Daniel Craig) must now move his remugles a traumatic family past, while coltinant a Bond Girl elusive, which does longer content to expose her charms, but reveals his flaws fop who does not know what to do with. Certainly this episode comes in appearance all the identification elements that once made the success of the saga, a very prégénérique sequence removed, a generic conceived as a work in itself, a larger-than-life villain, two statuesque women , a chase hallucinating, etc. If we look closer, glad there is however more, like the reassuring Manichaeism that permeated most missions 007.

007 endangered

On Plan scenario, the intention could not be clearer! The model of intervention agent represented Bond has become obsolete, soon replaced by the concept of a generalized surveillance. In a final burst, spraying said the dinosaur concept, but we feel that it is just a symbolic gesture. It is no coincidence that Mendes resurrects antediluvian Spectrum (Service for espionage, against espionage, terrorism, retaliation and extortion) and his henchman Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Christoph Waltz), appeared soon the first novel and the first film, inviting, like an old friend, with what looks very much like a first-class funeral!

The diagnosis made by the sociologist image Gianni Haver all the good fortune of being right … James Bond may not survive the two major disasters that have rocked his reign: the emancipation of women and the end of the Cold War

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Sam Mendes, starring Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Léa Seydoux … Duration: 2:28. Legal age / advised: 12/14

Three reasons to see the film

To end craig

The days seem now counted to 007 and the actor who lends his features. In this role ghostly, Brontosaurus wrong side licked Daniel Craig wonders.

prégénérique sequence

Located in Mexico City, in the heart of the Festival dead, traditional prégénérique sequence immediately gives the film its amazing mortuary tone.

james bond shifted girls

Between the inner demons of Léa Seydoux and wrinkles of the fifties Monica Bellucci, the two “girls” of this 24th mission are not bimbos!


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