Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Elkabetz, an Israeli star in five films – Le Figaro

Ambassador of Israeli cinema, the actress died this morning at the age of 51 years died of cancer. Amos Gitai revealed by, she worked mainly between his native country and France.

Elkabetz embodied strong characters who resembled him. The reference for Israeli cinema, his fame and talent have naturally crossed borders. In France in particular, it will be directed by André Téchiné for The Girl on the Train (2009).

A talent that is revealed behind the camera. She and co-produced several movies with his younger brother, Shlomi, including the wonderful Gett, the trial of Viviane Amsalem , named the Golden Globes in 2015.

If the tandem is now broken, Elkabetz leave an indelible trace. Le Figaro back on the five films that show all facets of her acting skills and director.

My treasure Karen Yedaya (2004)

in this drama awarded the Camera d’Or at Cannes in 2004, Elkabetz portrays a sick and distraught mother who prostitute for years in streets Tel Aviv. His daughter, however, will do everything possible to replace it in the right way. And to focus in parallel to the realization of his dreams.

The visit of the band , Eran Kolirin (2007)

The film surprised everyone at the end of 2007. the film traces the journey of the band of the Alexandria Police traveling in Israel to inaugurate an Arab cultural center. But things did not go as planned. The procession is lost in a small town where Dina (Ronit Elkabetz), sassy proprietress of a bar-restaurant will be a great help.

The Girl on the Train , by André Téchiné (2007)

Elkabetz plays for the first time in his career behind the camera of a french director. Inspired by a true story, that of Marie-Leonie Leblanc guilty of perjury of anti-Semitic aggression, the Israeli actress portrays only a supporting role alongside Catherine Deneuve. But she finally launched her French career.

Jaffa , Keren Yedaya (2009)

Love n ‘ no origins. In this melodrama, Elkabetz plays the role of a strong woman, racist and explosive that faces the murder of her son … by a young Palestinian who maintains a relationship with his daughter pregnant.

Gett, the trial of Viviane Amsalem , of Elkabetz and Shlomi Elkabetz (2014)

the actress finds his brother, Shlomi, to realization. She also played the lead role of the film which tells the story of a woman who wants to divorce but runs up against the intransigence of the rabbis and even her husband, played by Simon Abkarian ( Turkish Head , Walk , Kaboul Kitchen ). The film will experience a success, since it will be named at the Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes and the Golden Globes for Best Foreign Film.

series Trepalium created by Antares Bassis Hiet and Sophie (2016)

Elkabetz made his first appearance in a television series, in this case Trepalium , broadcast on Arte from 11 to 18 February 2016. it portrays it the role of a Prime Minister and their struggle for a world divided in two. On one hand, the dropouts unemployed account for 80% of the population. On the other, the assets that make up the rest of the population. The politician must also fight to recover her husband hostage of the poor area in a year. In exchange, it must provide employment to some 10,000 dropouts.


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