Sunday, April 24, 2016

Lemonade: feminist film and album committed Beyoncé – Le Figaro

VIDEO – American singer unveiled his new album, accompanied by a film presented in preview on Saturday, April 23 HBO channel. As with her first single Education , she delivers a document whose scope is also political.

Beyoncé again proved last night, Saturday, April 23, at which point it is a complete artist. Dubbed Queen B, the queen of pop reigns not only on the world of music but also in images, able to combine the two to better emphasize his point. In the evening, she presented what the rumors foresaw: Lemonade , a real “album-movie” an hour, accompanied by the soundtrack of his twelve new songs.

Released on HBO (not available for streaming from France), the film marks a turning point in the career of Beyoncé. After his previous album, appeared by surprise in December 2013 and for which she had imagined a clip for each of its tracks, it pushes the concept further.

Torque Difficulties

Here, she takes the stage in the heart of New Orleans. Lemonade following developments sentimental pop diva who tries to ward off infidelity of his spouse. It leaves especially detonated his rage and sings warnings to her husband: “This is your last warning. You know I gave you life. [...] You will lose your wife. “

Words that have also been immediately interpreted by fans as a break between Beyonce and her husband rapper and producer Jay Z. None of this, however, because at the end of the film, the singer begins Redemption , a piece in which she rabiboche with its partner, it embraces also facing camera . Further proof if any was still a Lemonade is currently available exclusively on the streaming platform Tidal, managed by Jay Z. The 30-second previews are available to listen to non -abonnés.

An album committed

As with his first single Education , Beyoncé also book with Lemonade an indictment against the discrimination against African Americans and makes special tribute to the perseverance of women to free themselves from domination. It also publishes extracts from a speech by Malcolm X: “The least respected woman in the US is the black woman. The least protected in the US person is the black woman. “

In the beginning of the project, Beyoncé however, is not only behind Lemonade . In addition to songs, the film also revolves around towards the Anglo-Somali poet Warsan Shire. The singer also uses the player Serena Williams tennis, French duo Ibeyi or mothers of Travyon Martin and Michael Brown, who all appear on the screen.

Four duos are also emerging in this new album: Beyoncé has partnered with talented Jack White, The Weeknd, James Blake and Kendrick Lamar. Led Zeppelin members also lent a hand to the writing of Do not Hurt Yourself . As well as members of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Animal Collective. In production, it is also surrounded by Just Blaze, Diplo and Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekednd.

Lemonade launched, Beyoncé will now be able to start his new tour, Training World Tour , which will begin on April 27 in Miami. It will include a passage by France on 21 July.


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