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Series Mania Festival 2016: palmares and 7 Editor’s Choice – Télé

The seventh edition of the Paris festival has closed last night. Back on his list, along with a selection of our favorite series.

Mania Series continues to swell. After passing the bar of 20,000 spectators last year, the Parisian festival almost doubled its audience for its seventh edition, which ended Sunday, April 24 at the Forum des Images. They were 38,000 to scramble to find dozens of sets from around the world, starting from April 15.

The jury, headed by the father of the Sopranos David Chase, was awarded the Australian the Incident Kettering , thriller with fantastic accents, effectively without spilling the codes of the genre, and Argentina El Marginal , our heart stroke festival (see below). The public, meanwhile, has praised the Belgian Beau Sejour , soon broadcast by Arte (see below), and Day Polar Nordic thriller cleverly designed, co-production between Canal + and Sweden.

Two juries of journalists have also given their prices. The foreign press, which was responsible for watching the French series, has shunned the French program to honor two Belgian, dark thriller The Truce and the main actor of another thriller, Enemy public , Angelo Bison. This is the Québecoise Laurence Leboeuf ( Walk in the shade ) who walks away with the prize for best actress. The French Critics Association series (ACS), responsible for appointing the best American series, opted for Mr Robot , Head of the surprise of last season. Finally, the jury of bloggers to put forward NSU German History X German anthology in three episodes on neo-Nazis.

thrillers and other thrillers therefore overwhelmingly dominate this list where comedy and genre works almost no place. France is just half a price with the international co-production Polar Day . She will do better next year, for the eighth edition that could be much more important if the international festival project defended by the owner of Mania Laurence Herszberg Series ends.

Writing Télérama, present throughout the ten days of this seventh edition, has selected seven of discoveries series. We obviously will talk when they broadcast on French channels.

El Marginal (Argentina)

El Marginal, our favorite c & # x153; sister, won the festival's Grand Prize.<br /> “Title =” @ UndergroundProducciones / PST & # XFA; blica “class =” lazy “itemprop =” image “src =”” data-original=”,M327918.jpg” data-side = “1.5037593984962″ /> <figcaption readability =

El Marginal, our heart stroke, won the festival’s Grand Prize.

@ UndergroundProducciones / TVPública

Argentina, present on the international market since ten series – years thanks to Epitafios , polar branch of the Latin HBO – continues to offer courageous biases, often dark and risky works. El Marginal , brutal thriller, taking in the critical societal subtext, provides further evidence of an undeniable local knowledge. His hero is a former cop who fell from grace, following an agreement with an unscrupulous judge, is sent undercover into the worst prison in the country. His mission: to approach the gang that there is law and allow the release of the daughter of the magistrate, taken hostage. nervous achievement, effective narrative ambiguous characters to possible El Marginal a small air of Oz with his prison-favela, court of miracles where a company is recreated ultra-violent, pessimistic reflection of the country. Yet it does not forget to be funny. The blow of heart of the festival, rightly awarded its Grand Prix.

The Writer (Israel)

the Writer criticism with humor pr & # xe9; jug & # xe9; s faced by Arabs isra & # xe9; links.<br /> “Title =” @ Keshet “class =” lazy “itemprop =” image “src =”” data-original=”,M327905.png” data-side = “1.7761989342806″ /> <figcaption readability =

The Writer critique with humor the prejudice against Israeli Arabs.

@ Keshet

Sayed Kashua, journalist, novelist and screenwriter, met success with his comic series Work Arabic ( Avoda Aravit ), where he directed with a delicious sense of second degree its daily Israeli Arab. An “auto-fiction” critical, daring and funny, which serves as the starting point for this new setting in abyss. The hero of The Writer , KateD (Yousef Sweid seen in Homeland ) is another double Kashua, overwhelmed by the popularity of Work Arabic , and decides to press his screenwriter station to try something different. A weariness that also feels in her marriage, and gives its tone to this cousin of Louie , bitter and tender, melancholic and funny. Kashua does not give the best role, far from it, in not exactly loving husband, author temperamental. He continues, in parallel, to criticize a priori laugh suffered by Israeli Arabs, and the problems they face to preserve their culture.

Thirteen (England )

Thirteen, between intimate drama and thriller.<br /> “Title =” @ BBC3 “class =” lazy “itemprop =” image “src =”” data-original=”,M327920.jpg” data-side = “1.7761989342806″ /> <figcaption readability =

Thirteen, between intimate drama and thriller.

@ BBC3

Ivy Moxam was thirteen years old when she was abducted. Thirteen ( “thirteen” in English) years later, she escapes the Bristol basement where she was held captive. Thirteen says his return to society, home hesitant her family – which meanwhile has torn – and the police investigation, which attempts to put behind bars her kidnapper. Just like its American cousin Rectify , a prisoner released from death row after 19 years of confinement, it offers a moving portrait, full of nuances, a fragile heroine that ‘worrisome, made ambiguous by his silence and strange reactions. Jodie Comer, 23, is astounding, in a story that deftly avoids the easy tears and find a balance between thriller – which is the kidnapper? Ivy she hiding something? – Intimate drama about the transition to adulthood and family life

Beyond the Walls (France)

<. p>

intense minis & # xe9; rie fantastic Beyond & # xE0; walls will diffuse & # xe9 e shortly by Arte.<br /> “Title =” @ Arte “class =” lazy “itemprop =” image “src =”” data-original=”,M327914.jpg” data-side = “1.779359430605″ /> <figcaption readability =

The intense fantastic miniseries Beyond the walls will be released soon by Arte.

Arte @

Marc Herpoux and Hervé Hadmar are among the few authors to have made a name French television, the Forgotten (2008) to Witness (2015) through Pigalle, la nuit (2009). Their new miniseries in three short episodes only, offers them the opportunity to try the fantastic genre. Her heroine, Lisa, is a solitary speech therapist, who inherits an abandoned house. Attracted by strange noises coming from behind its walls, she will enter a world of fantasy and horror. Difficult to say more without spoiling the visual and metaphorical experience, remarkably staged by Hervé Hadmar. A night stroll among the haunted house and waking nightmare, served by excellent actors, the Belgian Veerle Baetens ( The Broken Circle Breakdown ), François Deblock (Molière for Best Male Newcomer year) and in a secondary role, Geraldine Chaplin. A kind of work, intense and moving if we let go, soon broadcast on Arte.

Beau Sejour (Belgium)

L '& # xe9; amazing and exciting Beau S & # xe9; day will diffuse & # xe9 e Arte in 2017.<br /> “Title =” @ Lagard & # XE8; reStudios Arte / “class =” lazy “itemprop =” image “src =”” data-original=”,M327924.jpg” data-side = “1.7761989342806″ /> <figcaption readability =

The amazing and exciting Stay Beautiful will be broadcast on Arte in 2017.

@ LagardèreStudios / Arte

The concept is so cruel – and subtly twisted – a recurring nightmare : teenager, Kato, wakes up at the hotel Beau Sejour, with no memory of what happened to him, and saw his lifeless body, bloodied, in the bathtub. Haggard, she returns home and realizes that the people around him no longer able to perceive his presence, except for his father and a few other people. Obviously, we think of the Ghosts , in this delicate way to exploit the fantastic vein in the most realistic manner possible. What does it feel when changing among the other being yet invisible to them? When witnessing his own autopsy, her funeral? astonishing work, this series offers exciting Flemish police thriller with metaphysical accents (Kato will investigate his own death), and a reflection on the impossibility of mourning, the boundaries between madness and normality. Tragic, strange, and in some bizarrely funny moment, Beau Sejour will be broadcast on Arte current, 2017.

Lola upside down (Finland)

the atmosphere of the fascinating Lola upside down is not without recall David Lynch .<br /> “Title =” @ L & # xE5; ngfilmProductions / YLE “class =” lazy “itemprop =” image “src =”” data-original=”,M327912.jpg” data-side = “2.3094688221709″ /> <figcaption readability =

The atmosphere of the fascinating Lola upside down is not without recall David Lynch.

@ LångfilmProductions / YLE

Two developers are dancing in empty corridors on an air of James Brown. A bipolar poet himself a bird. A girl in a wheelchair launches morbid challenges girlfriends she sadise freely … Adapted from a novel by Monika Fagerholm, this Finnish series immerses us in the heart of the small fictional town of Flatnäs, where secrets convent in skulls and where, on occasion, corpses come to sow discord. Between dreamlike vistas, identity quests, this tale to lynchiens accents evokes the cruelty of adolescence, the violence of patriarchal world, the loss of innocence .. A detective story mingles with the whole, but is primarily used as a pretext for amazing painting of a reclusive and isolated community. The first two components of Lola upside down really fascinating. Hopefully this seductive strangeness does not turn over the episodes, the vain stylization. No planned release in France at the moment.

Feed the Beast (USA)

 the driver of Feed the beast (r & # xe9; alis & # xe9; by Dexter's dad) is full of promise the s & # xe9. the series does take place?<br /> “Title =” @ AMC “class =” lazy “itemprop =” image “src =”” data-original=”,M327922.jpg” data-side = “1.890359168242″ /> <figcaption readability =

The pilot of Feed The Beast (directed by dad Dexter ) is full of promise. the series does take place?


It was one of the festival events: the world premiere of the pilot Feed the beast , the new series of Clyde Phillips, father of Dexter and Nurse Jackie . Adapted from the Danish series Bankerot , she recounts the misadventures of two old buddies damaged by life and excesses. The first father of a young boy, is an alcoholic butler, marked by the loss of his wife in a car accident. The second, a chef cocaine, at loggerheads with the New York underworld. They both combine to create a restaurant in the Bronx … For now, Feed The Beast creates a mixture of excitement and puzzlement. Made with great skill, the series treats his battered characters, laying the beginnings of a large plot, which combines love of cooking, mafia twists, existential wanderings … The heroes turn out already engaging ( including David Schwimmer, against the use of the character of Ross in Friends ), but for now a bit archetypal, predictable, away from the madness of singular Jackie or Dexter. In short, it looks promising but perhaps a formatted hair. To judge the length (broadcast on the American channel AMC on May 31).


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