François Langlet (seated, l.), opposite John Luc Mélenchon, in “words and deeds”, 26 May 2016 – Screenshot – France 2

“Weigh your words, you are probably more corrupt than ever will be Evo Morales. “Last Thursday, in Words and deeds , on France 2,
 Jean-Luc Mélenchon warned François Langlet who had just said, about the Bolivian president that “his girlfriend [Gabriela Zapata], which is the mother of his son, received $ 500 million of public orders . “

His comments have not gone unnoticed as the ambassador of Bolivia in Frances’est cracked a statement in the wake screaming in the” disinformation “and stressing that” baseless slander can cause legal consequences that we do not want to appeal. ” The letter states that the Bolivian justice concluded that there was no influence peddling in that case.

In addition, as written by Eric Stemmelen, who writes a blog on Mediapart Gabriela Zapata, is not the companion of Evo Morales for several years and it is not the mother of his son

François Langlet responded to the Bolivian official on Monday. “I considers that the words I used to describe President Morales during the televised debate to say the least animated, were not appropriate, “one reads on francetv. info. The mea culpa is not total since the economic journalist notes that “the opinion [of the Bolivian parliamentary inquiry] was deemed biased by the Bolivian opposition.”

“tune point “has not calmed everyone. On Facebook, Eric Coquerel, national coordinator of the Left Party, responded by asking “clear apology” François Langlet.

Anyway, France 2 has removed the video from the issuing of its platforms and a new version, redacted of controversial remarks, should soon be available in replay