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Renaud unveils family secrets – Le Parisien

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RENAUD will not talk. His autobiography, published yesterday, talking to him. This 64 year old man indulges – with the complicity of the writer Lionel Duroy – ever. His friends, his loves, his shit, Renaud has already made the salt of his songs, but black balance on white accounts with the demons that have rotted his life: his family secrets, vis-à-vis guilt his father, a writer with a shady past, paranoia, alcohol.

.. As we get rid of a burden for the Future.

He defended his father called him a “collaborator”

First sentence, first shock: “I was born in a happy family and I have long ignored the secrets. These secrets which later ripped me tears, have rushed in guilt. “At 12, Renaud, the fifth child of a family of six, discovers that his great sister Christine is actually his half-sister and his father, Olivier, was married once with a missing wife, and their son, 7 June 1944, in an allied bombing in Normandy.

the second secret is even heavier. The kid from the door of Orleans then 18 years. He left school and worked in a bookstore of the Latin Quarter, when one day, a cousin him a “son of collaborator.” He discovers that his father, Olivier Séchan, worked during the war in Radio Paris, member of German propaganda, and his grandfather, Oscar, was a member of the French Popular Party, fascist party under the occupation, and was imprisoned for several months after the Liberation. Renaud up for them, “My father has no part to propaganda, merely translate mails from Germany [...] Moreover, as of the end of the war, it will be retained that one day and immediately cleared of all suspicion by the court. “Nevertheless,” Son of collaborator, grand-son of collaborator, I read in some newspapers. I take these words as a cross on my frail shoulders. “

Other cross, vis-à-vis guilt of his father. “The success of my son kills me. “This sentence, Renaud discovers the diary of his father, while itself celebrates the success of his fifth album,” The Return of Gérard Lambert. ” He always considered his father, writer of detective novels and children’s books, father “loving, austere and modest,” as a hero. That day creeps in him immense guilt that never left.

Victim of “paranoia”

“My couple with Romane smashes the same pitfalls that we formed with Dominique: my paranoia, my fear of Cubans, my pain, my anguish, I drown in alcohol flows to support the daily. “Renaud went twice in communist lands in Moscow in 1985 and in Cuba in 1997. He returned twice with the impression of having been trapped. Worse, he said, was threatened with death and restores an old rifle in case. “The Communists want to hurt me, without me knowing what I have committed to deserve this punishment, he wrote. I fear for Dominique and Lolita. Actually protect Dominique, I go crazy. “This” paranoia “as he called it, has faded since he recently cured of alcoholism.

” Dominique, one remarries? “

This is essentially what Renaud asked there is little to his ex-wife, who told him his happiness of the” review living well. ” She laughed and did not answer him, but that eternal love does not abandon the idea. “Who knows what the gods in store for us? “He wrote. In conclusion, he announced his next album for fall 2017. A disc for children, another first.

@Eric_Bureau “Like a lost child, autobiography” Renaud Séchan, XO Editions, 306 pages, 18.90 euros.


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