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“Mademoiselle”: a set of playful and erotic Massacre – The World

Kim Tae-ri in Korean film director Park  Chan-wook,

official Selection – competing

Champion Korean box office with Old Boy (2003) or Lady Vengeance (2005), a specialist in anamorphic and other digital excesses, great master the sado-doleful revisitation of the most violent film genres, Park Chan-wook does not usually make in subtlety or delicacy. Face it, this is not a light heart that we were headed on Saturday, May 14 at 8 am, at the amphitheater Light to spend 2 hours 25 before his new movie, Miss . But this erotic feminist epic three-act between Korea and Japan during the Second World War, will quickly sweep away our prejudices, and these 2 h 25 were quite tasty actually.

Inspired the novel Fingersmith ( Using your fingertips , published in 10-18) of the British writer Sarah Waters, Miss is a manipulation of history and revenge on gender war background and class struggle. A fun shooting gallery focuses on four characters locked in a gigantic mansion Japanese, built in Victorian style: a beautiful heiress, a Korean orphan who serves him right, a stalker bibliophile in captivity continues, and a crook who wants to hands on his fortune.

Two gorgeous actresses

We do not we shall dwell on history, each new game reveals a new dimension radically calling into because what was shown in the previous. In this way a little sneering he has to play his audience, which echoes the behavior of his characters, the film finds its limit.

But this does not spoil the purely aesthetic pleasure it provides. Flirting with the cartoon and comics, a fetish accessories, decorations, faces and the bodies of his two gorgeous actresses, staging culminates in two lesbians love scenes as intense as graphics that evoke erotic prints which full library of terrible jailer. It redemanderait willingly.

Korean Movie Park Chan-wook Kim Min-Hee Kim Tae-ri, Jung-woo Ha (2 h 25). Web:


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