Thursday, July 7, 2016

Box Office: Camping 3 easily passes the million admissions – Le Figaro

VIDEO – Fabien Onteniente’s film jumps straight to the top spot and directed the 5th best start to the year, with over one million spectators willing discover the new adventures of Patrick Chirac.

the film Camping 3 has the wind in its sails. Franck Dubosc in swimming trunks in the Arcachon basin: a scene that continues to amuse the French. With a start in style at the French box office, the third component rest this week, largely on top of the ranking and wants to keep his first place. Despite an average decreased with 1.38 million viewers, a figure that remains similar to those obtained for Camping 2 after seven days in theaters.

For the record, the first installment of the adventures of Patrick Chirac, Camping 1 , still clearly in the lead. Upon its release in 2006, the film had collected two million entries in a week. Camping 2 too, had its moment of glory with a total of four million entries in the end. Camping 3 So far exceeds the success achieved with Camping 2 .

Dory Le Monde continues to ride the wave and takes the second place. The film grossed 790,286 additional entries for its second week in room despite a decline in attendance of 20%. The amnesiac fish continues to amaze his colleagues by posting a significant score: nearly two million tickets since its release in France. The Dory phenomenon, however, may see its celebrity slow down around 3 million in the next weeks as was the case for the animated film Cars 2 at the time.

The horror film Conjuring 2: If Enfield ranks honorably third. Despite a boycott clearly displayed by the UGC cinemas, the film still feeling with 742,528 spectators in its first week for only 262 broadcasts room across France. During his eleven weeks of operation in 2013, Conjuring 1: Records Warren had collected 1,163,218 entries. A figure which looks set to be overtaken by the second film.

The release June 3 Ninja Turtles 2 in France has not experienced the success hoped for by producers. Their first week remains correct with 433,446 entries but as elsewhere, turtles have not been able to convince the audience.

Released on June 1, the French film Back to my mother fall in the second place to fifth. Directed by Eric Lavaine, this feature still remains a real achievement of 7th French Art for the year 2016. It is expected to exceed two million entries this weekend.


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