Friday, July 8, 2016

BOX OFFICE FRANCE: “Camping 3″ and “Conjuring 2″ ignite the box office –

BOX OFFICE FRANCE: &  quot; 3 & quot site; and & quot; Conjuring 2  & quot; ignite the box office

current effete June, the french box office was awakened by the Festival of Cinema which allowed a perfect launch for some big films of the summer. Among them, the comedy Camping 3 took the box office of the head inheriting 1,382,023 spectators in the massive combination of 800 rooms. It is at the previous episode but much less than the original film which attracted 1,879,507 viewers in its first week. Less widely disseminated (262 rooms), Conjuring 2: If Enfield offers a better per-screen average with 742,528 spectators. He took advantage of the popularity rating of the first part and starts much better since Conjuring first name began with 377,560 spectators. The horror movie humiliates Ninja Turtles 2 that is widely fewer entries (433,446 tickets) in far more rooms (624 copies!). This start for turtles is lower than that of the previous episode (635,716) which had already been a hit in France énormissime (less than 2 million spectators).

Among the smaller outputs, solid debut for red Turtle (79,745 entries in 149 rooms), the surprise coming instead of aquatic Effect , the ultimate feature Solveig Anspach, who starts well with 69,876 entries in only 115 theaters.

As for the old outlets, Finding Dory is the movie of the top 10 which keeps the better (-21.2%, 1.793. 765 entries in 2 weeks). Alice through the looking glass is a failure with 1,253,207 entries in 5 weeks against 4.5 million for the Tim Burton film. Following another setback: X-Men Apocalypse who ended his career a little above the 2 million admissions (2,103,693 tickets in 7 weeks) while the previous round had exceeded 3 million . Beautiful word-of-mouth for romance Before you which only declined by 0.6% in the second week (78 421 entries in all). Surprise success confirmed for adapting Jane Austen Love & amp; Friendship which combines 82,983 spectators in 2 weeks, all on the modest combination of 70 screens.


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by Nicolas Bardot


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