Saturday, July 9, 2016

Holidays: busy weekend on the roads – The Point

The traffic was already heavy Saturday morning, a day ranked red in the direction of departures in the whole of France, during the first weekend of holiday departures. At 7 h 30, the caps were already reported on the A7 towards Marseille, at Valencia, and on the A10 towards Bordeaux, at Tours, according to the website of Bison Smart, public service road information. Traffic conditions are expected to degrade to 13 hours, which traditionally marks the peak caps departure on vacation Saturday.

On Friday, a first peak was reached at 17 h 45 with 569 km of caps at the national level, including 320 km in the Paris region. Saturday, traffic will be heavy on the roads to the south and coastal regions. Especially since the French vacationers will not be alone for the road, Belgians and Dutch are some of them also leave. Major difficulties are expected on routes towards Spain (including Bordeaux) and the Mediterranean (on the southern motorway, Lyon …).

1.2 million passengers in stations

Bison smart, which is now available via a free mobile application, advises to avoid highways of southern France (A7, A8, A9) from 9 am to 15 hours and the crossing of Lyon and the Rhône valley from 9 am to 18 hours. The Sunday is classified orange in the direction of departures in the Ile-de-France. And the weekend is classified green in the direction of returns. “Almost 14 000 policemen” were deployed this summer to reduce “mortality on the roads,” said Minister of the Interior on Friday.

In the first half, the death toll has yet increased 1.9% (1,569 killed) compared to the same period last year, after increasing in 2014 and 2015. the SNCF expects 1.2 million passengers in stations during the weekend for which it plans to deploy 3,000 trains.


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