Friday, July 8, 2016

Mega-surprise: Kim Dotcom announces new Megaupload – Télé

The famous site for direct download, closed in 2012 for infringement of copyright, reborn from its ashes as a new version. According to its creator Kim Dotcom, the old user accounts will be available again.

Since 19 January 2012 and forced the closure of Megaupload by the FBI, he dreamed. This seems to become reality: Megaupload, one of the most popular online sites storage files, which allowed to make available or to download free videos or sounds, could rise from the ashes as a new version, called 2.0 Megaupload. Its charismatic founder, Kim Dotcom, announced on his Twitter account, with a highly symbolic launch date: January 2017, just five years after closing

The revival of Megaupload was unexpected.: since the closure of the site in January 2012 by the US authorities and the arrest in New Zealand of its German-Finnish boss, the site was little more than a distant mere chimera, even since the launch in 2013 of Mega, legal version of the site meant that not host files in compliance with copyright, that the person concerned has since left – and he does not hesitate now to torpedo, including the limits it imposes on its 35 million users. Especially, Kim Dotcom, imprisoned in the wake of his arrest and released on bail a month later, is still under the influence of an extradition request from the United States. These, five years later, still hope to bring to justice “for criminal conspiracy for illegal economic activity, copyright infringement and money laundering.”

What form will Megaupload 2.0? According to TorrentFreak, the site will “100 GB of storage, allowing users to synchronize all their devices, without transfer limit. Data will be encrypted automatically. “ Another detail that is important: Dotcom ensures that the site will reopen in resurrecting all user accounts and their contents, disappeared suddenly in January 2012. How has he done to store and maintain such number of data for five years ? Impossible to know, but Dotcom was clear on the subject: “The majority of new Megaupload accounts will be available in premium mode on the new site” . Duly noted. This means that about 100 million users account will be reactivated and made available to the reopening of the site. Probably not all at the same time as the amount of data is huge. But interested “will receive an email with all necessary information” , promised Dotcom.

This new version of Megaupload is also supposed to represent a primer a much larger project, called MegaNet. The latter, which should see the light in 2018, aims to provide a parallel Internet, run by and for users, and protected from censorship States and Net giants. If you doubt still, the megalomaniac Kim Dotcom therefore has great plans for mankind.


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