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Michael Cimino, pale face – Liberation

We are republishing a portrait, published in 2005 by director Michael Cimino, which we learned of the death on the night of Saturday to Sunday.

a daisy flakes and on Hollywood Boulevard: to be famous, be a legend, a myth. “And then possibly a spectrum,” says our man. Brando, he said, is a spectrum. Him, Cimino, is said to be a myth. His name is pronounced Cha-mee-No, it’s the sound of the barrel of a gun to execution of Russian roulette, but fades slowly, no longer fed by the memory. 1978. His The Deer Hunter leads on Olympus Oscar. 1980. At the Gate of Heaven, the epic turns to failure, he collapses. It would be rather a shadow.

His frail and faltering carcass of 1.65m shelters under a cowboy hat. His eyes taking cover behind dark glasses. Its waxy leaves nothing view of his age. His hands were swollen joints, previously broken by wrestling matches and weightlifting sessions. His voice hoarse, congested dry cough, is kind, generous words that most information, but irritated the old trial megalomania that the charred twenty years ago. “What do you think, do I look like a megalomaniac? Tell me if you think! “

He was in any case the child hard of a crazy Hollywood, cocaine and outsized. He repainted the grass for it to have a greener air and pour animal blood on human wounds so that they have the true air. Thousand delusions of grandeur punctuate the history of the Gate of Heaven, released the same year as the Raging Bull Scorsese. “If people seek the best means being unreasonable, then I’m irrational!” The film, fresco of a bloody conquest of the West without mythology, was shunned by critics and the public. United Artists was closed. Unreason Cimino was only a slate to the country’s dollar. Cimino made a few films. The list of unfinished projects is longer than that of today’s achievements.

We listen for hours yet the former telling Lee Marvin, drunk, arms crossed on the hood of the Mercedes wagon, unable to find his house. The car that turns and turns in Beverley Hills, Lee Marvin screaming “Stop! I have a good idea. Turn the corner of Sunset and Doheny, we’ll buy a map of the stars, like that, you can find my fucking house. “(A Beverley Hills, there is a plan villas celebrities like the Père Lachaise, one of their graves.) turn around, stop on Sunset. “Lee, your house is not on the map” Lee, with his cigar on the roof of the car: “My house is not on the fucking map. What is this mess? ! “

But the star of stories end badly in general. “My best friend killed himself with the gun given to her Sam Peckinpah. It was a funny guy, a great connoisseur of Shakespeare, he always had a book of the poet Coleridge in the back pocket of his jeans. He woke up one Saturday morning he walked to the kitchen, he killed his wife. He went into the room, he rolled in blankets, he killed himself. “Cimino speaks of” holes “in his life. He lives mainly in New York now, or in his Montana ranch. Sometimes he joined his home in Los Angeles … and does not leave that purr to his car collection. One night he goes to a lavish “party” in the novelist and filmmaker Michael Crichton, which points out that he’s weird, “cool as a cucumber.” Cimino replied: “I took four doses of Valium before coming.” In the pool, no one bathes. Water is covered with pine needles rust. It is the shadow of Hollywood.

also shadow of a gifted child who drew faces perfectly to five years, was fencing, excelled in saber and foil, distributing toys small neighbors, dreamed of being an Orthodox Jew when he saw his best friend put the tefillin (phylactery) to be black to better vibrate to the music, to be an Indian … to end without a face under the hat a cowboy. It no longer means date of birth (estimated biographers: February 1939), or the trade of his father (music editor). It erases the traces. No longer looks like. His head said no more of a probable Italian immigrant journey to New York.

The rumor is responsible stare a little more gifted former studios. It claims, insistently transsexual. “I had a girlfriend totally drugged and alcoholic who told everyone that I loved dressing up as a girl. Even my mother called me. “Michael, have you changed sex?” “I beg your pardon ?” “Have you changed sex?” “No !! And next time, call me when you have something interesting to say. ‘”

He tells some operations after accidents, and above all, a visit to a doctor Beverley Hills, the same as Mel Brooks singing loud when we examined it. Each year, the doctor made a radio from his chest. “After five years, he showed me all the radios. “What is that black thing?” I asked him. “It’s your heart.” “But there it is three times bigger than here!” “You took too much weight, the heart is forced to adapt. But know that you can make an attack from one day to another …” “So Cimino pushed donuts, junk food, pizza , candy, McDonald’s … it makes a detailed list like every rejected the food was more vomit America, he wants a beautiful and incomprehensible loser.

he did not write her . His first novel, Big Jane, trip music of great blond across the US and to Korea during the war, was awarded in France, translated into several languages, but never released home. “I do not want this to be published there. I so love the character. I do not want the media to touch it to make a representation of this or that. “The written version of his hand with fingers twisted in his mother tongue, therefore exists only for him. The cowboy fell for too pumped dollars, wonderful storyteller US tensions, not looking for more home highlights. “After my first film, we called me a misogynist. After The Deer Hunter, one fascist told me. After the Gate of Heaven, I was a Marxist. After the Year of the Dragon, I was racist. All my life, I was glued labels. But the characters do not hire you! “He still vote. Do not say anything, felt disillusioned that his contempt for Hollywood embraces actors, writers talkers and pledged to left. Bush, he said he just went through the same university, Yale. He was studying architecture.

For years, he dreams of turning the Malraux human condition which he honed the script. He still believes, without saying where the money will come back. When he was about 7 years old, his mother predicted. “. Either you kill yourself at work, or you’ll end tramp” He killed at work

Photo Fred Kihn

Michael Cimino 8 dates

February 1939 Born in New York City.

1974 Lightfoot.

1978 Trip to Deer Hunter.

1980 heaven’s Gate.

1985 the Year of the Dragon.

1996 Sunchaser

2001 first novel, Big Jane, Gallimard

2005 mirrored Conversations.. Gallimard.

Judith Perrignon


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