Thursday, December 8, 2016

INFO LCI -”He hath put his hand on her sex ?” : the CSA seized after a new sequence of controversy among Hanouna – LCI

INFO LCI – After an umpteenth sequence of a polemic, in which Cyril Hanouna trap a columnist for him to touch her sex, the CSA received twenty reports about the show not Touch my position. For many users, this is a new “sexual assault”.

As an air of déjà-vu. A little over a month after you have created the controversy by spreading the sequence of a kissing non-consent on the chest of an extra, the show Not Touch my Position have been provided with a layer this Wednesday, December 7, in showing Cyril Hanouna ask the hand of a columnist on her sex. This Thursday, in the early afternoon, the CSA has indicated to LCI have received for the time twenty reports.

The scene in question, which in reality took place during the break pub, is presented to the antenna by Jean-Luc Lemoine at his topic of “4/3″ on the sequences off of the show. We see Cyril Hanouna submit a game to the columnist Capucine Anav. Blindfolded, she must tender his or her hand and “guess what part of the body” the presenter is in the process of touch. After having led the young woman’s hand on his chest and on his arm, Cyril Hanouna ends up undertaking is to touch the sex.

A new “sexual assault”

The public is hilarious, the commentators also. Sitting next to the young woman, the journalist Isabelle Morini-Bosc and asked him : “He hath put his hand on her sex ?” And Capucine Anav reply “As usual!”. The sequence, immediately relayed on the social networks, has largely react to it. For many, it is a new “sexual assault” committed live.

And in the same way that this kind of sequences seem to multiply in the emission of C8, the CSA is in the process of becoming a great regular alerts viewers to the topic of Cyril Hanouna. However, no effective sanction has not yet been established by the higher council of the audiovisual. Last November 22, the policeman of the PAF is in the process of sanction against the chain, leaving it to the folder Hanouna to an independent reporter. This new sequence controversy should not plead in its favour.


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