Thursday, December 8, 2016

Michel Polnareff is doing better and is back in humor with a “Story of Q” – Le Parisien

The singer has regained the hair of the beast and he prove it by a glance on the social networks.

Anear having shown his butt in 1972, Michel Polnareff has given its new this Thursday, in alluding to this part of his anatomy, when he is hospitalized for five days for a pulmonary embolism which threatened to be fatal. The singer, 72-year-old “is on the mend, the doctors remain optimistic, but cautious,” said his friend and press secretary Fabien Lecoeuvre.

His physician, Dr. Philippe Siou, confirmed in Paris that “his health condition is improving” and that ” its anti-coagulant treatment is effective “. “The prognosis for Michel Polnareff is more engaged,” he says. We can say that we saved her life, because her condition was critical when he arrived last Saturday, and today it is steady, under control. But his condition remains serious, and complications are always possible. He remains hospitalized and under treatment until further order. It will take several weeks before it is completely healed.”

Michel Polnareff is also out of his silence and gave his news on social networks via a short text in the form of blink of an eye entitled “the History of Q” : “Yesterday I showed my Q/ now I have to save my Q/ So that tomorrow, I didn’t in the Q/ Ain Q be it”, he wrote.

This quatrain around the letter Q has been posted on Twitter by the singer, who had already showed his taste for the games of words and letters with his song “LNA HO” (Helena’s hot, editor’s NOTE), at the beginning of the 1990s. Michel Polnareff had to cancel at the last minute last week the last two concerts of his tour that began in the spring, for which he has continued nearly 70 concerts. He has been a victim in the beginning of the last week of sinusitis that had gone wrong.

The interpreter of “Goodbye Marylou” had caused a scandal in 1972 with a poster on which he wore a long white shirt and showed her buttocks. Prosecuted for “indecent assault” and “pornography”, he was fined 60,000 francs (about 9,000 euros) at the time.

After his tweet, this geek of Michel Polnareff was made to remove its smartphone and tablet devices by doctors, who asked him to stick to an “absolute rest” !

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