The “angels” of Victoria’s Secret has fashion show in Paris, on November 30, 2016. – F. MORI/AP/SIPA

selfies are linked in a strong emanation of fragrance balmy a queue endless. “I came to see the most beautiful women in the world “, slides into a sense of false modesty, Claude, 62 years of age. Next, a young girl wrapped in her fur coat, grumbling. “But it is hyper monitored “. And she is not wrong.

This Wednesday evening, the area around the Champs-Elysées are under high protection (see box). And for good reason. The juggernaut of the panties,the famous lingerie brand american Victoria’s Secret, took up his quarters for the first time in Paris for her fashion show, in a Large Palace completely covered in the colors of the firm, the purple. Cost of the operation : between 12 and 15 million euros for mannequins decked wings of” angels “, of artists such as Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga and The Weeknd, and as bouquet final, a unique model of bra trimmed 9.0000 precious stones and valued at $ 3 million. But why all this mess ?

The story of a man annoyed

In 1977 Roy Raymond, a student freshly graduated from Stanford in California is embarrassed to buy underwear for his wife. He then decides to set up a store intimate “where men feel comfortable buying lingerie” and most of all, he proposes to do via a mail order catalogue. In 1982, he sold the company. The new owner decides to put more value on the lingerie. Hundreds of stores open in the United States and the success was dazzling. Roy Raymond, him, committed suicide by jumping from the Golden Gate, and the parades of the brand become over the years, global events.

In 2016, so it is around Paris to host the mass and receive the models Gigi Hadid and her sister Bella, Kendall Jenner, Adriana Lima, Lily Aldridge and Alessandra Ambrosio. Why in France ? There is at present a small gift shop at the Paris-Orly airport, but ” we may think that they have ambitions to invest in the continent because apart from Great Britain, they are not present in Europe “, according to the AFP Yves Marin, a consultant with Wavestone. For Victoria’s secret, “there is a blow to play, this is a beautiful brand and funders of commercial research of new retailers” in the capital, ” he says. In the meantime, the beautiful world struts, glass of champagne in hand, under the glass roof of the grand palais.

” tonight, we take for James Bond “

Selfie required prior to the défile
Selfie is mandatory before the scrolls – R. LESCURIEUX

” This is a moment of relaxation. I have fun, I look, I meet people “, smiled Thomas, 42 years, fur on the shoulders, evoking his memories of previous parades. A regular so. “There was champagne, beautiful women, men in tuxedos. This evening, we will take for James Bond, ” says-t it.

Not far away, a young man tries an approach with a woman (much) bigger than he is. This evening, everything seems allowed and possible. “Usually I play in churches, but this evening I’m playing here “, is fed up for example Julien which is part of the musicians providing the introduction to the show. France, it wanders.

” This brand does not put the grand-mothers “

Invited by her son, this woman of 76 years old, very distinguished, comes to attend a parade ” sumptuous “. “A show to us,” she said, noting that she is not there to buy. “This mark does not dress the grandmothers. My little girl yes, but not me, ” laughs she. Shortly after 21h, some groups are still trying to find the good pose to post a photo on social networks. “It’s going to be nice and unreal “, notes Franck.

The show starts 30 minutes later in the presence of stars such as Stromae, Lenny Kravitz, Vincent Cassel, Gad Elmaleh and Inès de la Fressange. Therefore, the pictures and the videos are no longer permitted, such as the use of social networks, and sms “, announcement to the micro the mark in 2015,has made $ 7.6 billion of sales. Business is Business.

The parade will be broadcast on the CBS channel and on the Youtube channel, on 5 December. In 2015, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show had gathered 6,59 million viewers on us television. Folded in 40 minutes, the show ends with glitter. The public divides suddenly into the two categories. Those who continue with the champagne, and those who leave this world. “And me, I’m going to go home by metro and panties H & M “, realizes that a young girl passing the doorway

What safety device?

Nearly two months after the robbery of Kim Kardashian in a residential hotel in the rue Tronchet Paris 8e) by five assailants armed and disguised as police officers, the safety device for the fashion show Victoria’s Secret at the Grand Palais has been “adapted to the nature of the event,” according to the Prefecture of police of Paris which does not give more details. A part of the avenue Winston Churchill (8th) has been cut off to traffic until 1am. Several checkpoints have also been installed with a significant deployment as a police officer.

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