Friday, April 8, 2016

Arrow Season 4: Episode 18, Marc Guggenheim is justified after the death of (Spoiler)! –

A wise choice? And yes meltynautes, we now know who is buried in the grave and that choice has something to shock the biggest fans of comics . While the editorial ‘of melty proposing you to discover our review of episode 18 of season 4 of Arrow, back on Marc Guggenheim confidences about the death of Laurel site TVLine. First, know that the executive producer did not want to stand for one of the series of couples. “The argument that went against our decision was that we all love Katie We love working with it. on the other hand, honestly, is that in making this decision we were being taken to task on the internet. by Laurel die in a season when Oliver was engaged to Felicity would have been interpreted as a way of taking position in a war of ships. on this last point, we felt for telling the love story that united Laurel and Oliver in season 1 and we never had the intention of putting them back together . We never thought we should kill Laurel to show that their history was over. “ Also, be aware that their aim was clearly to repair the relationship of Oliver and Laurel “Many of their conversations were written well before we took the decision to kill Laurel. When we advanced in the season, we really wanted to repair the relationship of Laurel and Oliver and bring them into a place where they could be friends and good friends. “

But he admits that this decision are shocking: “The decision to kill Laurel is huge. It’s bold. This allows the series to advance and it impacts all our characters In addition, Marc Guggenheim is well aware that it may not appeal to fans : “. You going to publish this article and all the people who love Laurel and like Katie will say that we did not try hard enough and we failed with this character. And I completely respect their views. They are very passionate and they speak very loudly. Katie and the series are lucky to have them. But ultimately, we must tell the story we choose and we did knowing that we will have a more violent response than moderate. “ Furthermore, the showrunner excludes no opportunity to see Katie Cassidy in one of the DC Comics series: “Katie Cassidy was class from beginning to end. She was so professional and gracious. And what’s really cool with Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, is that we have introduced so many different elements so in the end, nobody is really gone forever. “ Meanwhile more information, discover the secrets of Katie Cassidy following his departure from season 4 of Arrow. What do you think of these justifications?


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