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Pedophilia, “a sin”? The turnaround of the bishop of Pontoise in 4 acts – The Obs

The Church of France is, again, in a bad way. Bishop of Pontoise since 2013, Monsignor Stanislas Lalanne sparked controversy Tuesday, April 5 by refusing to rigorously qualify the pedophilia “sin” and then back on his words to calm the anger caused by his statements. Back on a controversy in four acts.

1 The Bishop “can not say no” if pedophilia is a sin

His comments did not go unnoticed. Invited to the program “Time to say” Tuesday on the network of 63 French-speaking Christian radio (RCF), the bishop of Pontoise, head of the monitoring unit on pedophilia within the Bishops’ Conference of France, speaks on this extremely sensitive issue. Mgr Stanislas Lalanne said that this disease is “evil” but that he “can not say” if it is a sin:

“Pedophilia is bad. is this is about sin? that I do not know say, it’s different for each person. But it is an evil and the first thing to do is to protect . victims or potential victims “

later in the same program, the clergyman says his thought:” It is in the order of but sin is it that this man is a sinner in the strict sense of the term? I can not say, every time, we can not speak generally, “concluded the Bishop.

About that shocked the victims of a pedophile priest in Lyon, where the Cardinal Philippe Barbarin been investigated for not reporting.

2 the indignation of the faithful and of the victims

during the emission of the RCF, several listeners revive the bishop of Pontoise and call to clarify his remarks. Jeanne, a listener, was the first to criticize the statements of Stanislas Lalanne:

“There decades we were told that masturbation catechism, it was hell, a mortal sin, lust, one of the deadly sins I tell you.. [pedophilia, Ed], it is a serious sin because it takes a lifetime to recover we must call a spade a spade ” she said on the air.

the members the liberated Word, who helped publicize cases of pedophilia hitherto ignored in Lyon, denounced a “communication the Church of France footprint blunders and amateurish. ” For them, the words of Bishop Lalanne echo “violent and degrading to the victims of pedophilia.”

In late January, a Lyons priest Bernard Preynat, was indicted for sexual assault there more than 25 years on the young scouts. An investigation was opened in stride for failing to report to the leaders of the diocese of the capital of Gaul, including Cardinal Barbarin.

3 the bishop is justified

Faced with the outcry caused by his remarks, Stanislas Lalanne said his statements last Wednesday in a statement:

“pedophilia, in all cases is objectively a grave sin. “

” what I wanted to say is that pedophiles people, priests or educators are often in denial because they have cleavage personality. They are not always fully aware of the responsibility for their actions and the consequences “if he justifies the RTL.

it considers that we “can not always [...] assess [...] the level of responsibility of those who made his actions” and that “it’s different for everyone.”

in a statement, the bishop also reviews the definition of pedophilia. Thus, the clergyman resumed the strict definition given by Pope Benedict XVI: pedophilia is “a heinous crime which offends God and wounds the dignity of the human person created in his image.” Finally the bishop condemns the “act”:

“The act is severely condemned This is a fault which must be penalized because we can never let this also hurts deeply and. also sustained a child. “

” the difficult question in each case, the degree of consciousness and thus responsibility of whoever commits such atrocious acts, “he added .

4 Najat Vallaud-Belkacem gets involved

When asked on Europe 1 on Thursday, the Minister of Education, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, asked the bishop of Pontoise “avoid ambiguity” on his remarks. “Pedophilia is not acceptable either legally or morally, and leave open any ambiguity on this issue, it’s just intolerable,” said the former spokesman of the government.

“Each of us, individually and as an institution, must take responsibility “, she believes, recalling the measures taken in national Education to” reassure families about the fact that there are no predators sex in school. ” “I ask him to remove ambiguities,” joked Najat Vallaud-Belkacem.

A mea culpa media, spiritual and human that seems to have started the bishop of Pontoise, Stanislas Lalanne. It apologized Thursday to the waves of the RCF.

This is there enough to calm their anger?

Edouard Lamort


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