Friday, April 1, 2016

RATP: a drink in Opera to put the head in Antwerp – Liberation

First obliges April, many media personalities and institutions will venture today to make hoaxes. If a bogus article or Photoshop editing are relatively simple to produce, the “practical” jokes are more complicated to set up hair so rare. Especially at the scale of a city, or rather a transport network common European capital.

The RATP has renamed 13 metro stations or Paris RER building on wordplay worthy of Laurent Ruquier station (Monceau transformed into My Shovel), cultural references (Joinville-le-Pont s ‘turned into a bourvillesque Joinville-le-Pont Pon! Pon!) and other syntactic proximity (Opera becomes Aperitif).

It must still recognize the RATP Group a taste for the absurd, like the Four September station renamed “1 st April” and now supposed to change names every day.

On its official website, the RATP has delivered the reasons for each of the 13 changes, sometimes with a clever dose of self-promotion. So, about the Telegraph station now named #Tweet: “The telegraph is not very usual … In a modernization of concern, and to support its desire to be leader of the smart city. RATP has chosen to change the name of the telegraph station in #Tweet. Tribute to the social network in San Francisco. And do not forget to subscribe to our twitter accounts. “

Hard not to think about work of photographer Janol Apin (yes, one remains in the thematic pun) known for his series of photos Métropolisson , which were edited to Lacarothe editions. He also had the idea to Antwerp upside, but he was content to reverse its image through a mirror effect when the RATP has gone as far modify the attachment of panels:

Antwerp & # xE0 ; upside RATP version and Janol Apin



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