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“Café Society”: a race to the bottom, between grace and catastrophe – The World

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the film Cafe Society provides an exquisite illusion, that of having found the recipe of the alloy which made the irresistible charm of Zelig or Radio Days in the age-old “Woody Allen, I liked better before,” we can – almost – answer. “This time, it’s like before. “The 1930s, the Jewish boy in New York and nice Californian, the smoothness of a vanished past, misunderstandings of vaudeville and the metaphysical anguish access. Everything is there, smooth, fluid, driven by a set of delicious interpreters which the author has joined as a voiceover which narrates the tribulations of Bobby Dorfman between the Bronx and Beverly Hills.

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Woody Allen does not mean slid in tuxedo old crooner who went on stage to sing his eternal success. Cafe Society is the first film that realizes the author of Annie Hall in its ninth decade. It is the work of an old man approaching near one of his favorite characters, death. While humiliated in War and Love with the arrogance of a young man who believes he has discovered the secrets of the universe, he holds him by a respectful conversation. And where Midnight in Paris was playing with the illusion that over time could be reversed, Cafe Society , luminous and sensual film, is also a race to the abyss, streaked with flashes of violence and terror, pleasure and fear united by indissoluble bonds of metaphysics by Woody Allen.

Kristen Stewart shines

in New York, Bobby Dorfman (Jesse Eisenberg) is bored in the shabby jewelry that holds his father, Marty (Ken Stott). His mother, Rose (Jeannie Berlin), fortunately for brother Phil Stern (Steve Carell), who made his fortune in Hollywood where he runs a talent agency. As a pioneer, Bobby crosses a continent. Rather than build a log cabin, it is the seat of his uncle, who ended up offering him a place steed. Unlike many of his contemporaries who liked each other enough to Los Angeles to thrive, Bobby finds no other interest in the city that the presence of Vonnie (Kristen Stewart), the secretary of Phil. This makes it the coup “be friends” before giving in to his advances teenage

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Bobby and Vonnie are the ancestors of Alvy Singer and Annie Hall, a couple of awkward fact introverted and uncertain energy. It is not surprising to find the perfect avatar Jesse Eisenberg Woody Allen has always sought in its male performers. The hesitant speech, self-deprecating come naturally, and the young actor gets rid of the kind of duplicity in the shadow of which he built his best roles, Mark Zuckerberg at the eco-terrorist from Night Moves . Kristen Stewart has rarely had, too, the opportunity to grow on the screen. Here she radiates.

Vonnie (Kristen Stewart) and Bobby (Jesse  Eisenberg) in

endless portraits

Still Cafe Society n is not a pure idyll. Bobby and Vonnie are just two of the citizens of this society, which also counts in its ranks a murderous gangster – Ben Dorfman (Corey Stoll), the older brother of Bobby – a couple of libertines New York (Parker Posey and Paul Schneider ), another leftist intellectuals (Stephen Kunken and Sari Lennick), a melancholy divorced (Blake Lively). The circles in which these atoms move sometimes intersect, the risk of tragic collisions (among accessories Café Society, will be found, in addition to shakers and convertibles, a cement trough where one runs a corpse, an electric chair …). Turning a derisive talk arises the name of Adolf Hitler.

As if to emphasize the abysses which threaten their characters, Woody Allen and cinematographer Vittorio Storaro, filming them with admiration borders on devotion. California light is idealized, Los Angeles appears as a hispanic Eden, New York matches this fantasy vision more remembered than the filmmaker evokes in interviews surrounding the film’s release, a city where everyone was changing out the night (Allan Stewart Konigsberg was between 2 and 6 years in years in which Woody Allen has set Cafe Society ). Bobby runs a nightclub frequented by mixing aristocrats, industrialists, intellectuals and artists that preceded the jet set, Woody Allen takes an almost childlike pleasure in sketching endless portraits, more than what the scenario would require

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love drama that tears Bobby and Vonnie meet social dramas that affect members of the Dorfman family. Ben Corey Stoll takes the gangster to the inevitable conclusion of his criminal career without ever choose between kindness and cruelty casually. And it is Marty, the bankrupt patriarch, the seedy jeweler that comes the reply: “I protest against the silence” , that God opposes the prayers of humans

<. div class = "encart_retrait_gauche"> the company title is actually that of humans, the time of their passing down here

Each characters Cafe Society doomed to failure. The few years over which unfolds the story enough to generate lifetimes of regret and remorse. The company title is actually that of humans, the time of their earthly path.

The film ends with a Christmas Eve. Woody Allen, who set his film “in the second half of 1930″ , do not bother to specify the vintage. Anyway, we left our heroes the year of Munich, the invasion of Poland, the fall of France or even Pearl Harbor, they promised to disaster, and will not have to viaticum that only fragile and irreplaceable memories the master shelled.

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